How Praying in Tongues Helps You Remember Dreams in the Morning

Have you ever experienced a situation where you had a dream during the night, but you couldn’t recall the dream upon waking up in the morning?

Recalling dreams

In the past, I used to have dreams at night, but when I woke up in the morning, it felt as if I hadn’t dreamt at all. Sometimes, I would vaguely remember having a dream but the details were unclear.

Soon afterwards, I developed a morning routine where I would spend an hour praying in tongues upon waking up. Surprisingly, as I prayed, I began to suddenly recall the dreams I had during the night.

This discovery motivated me to persist in my morning prayer routine, eager to unlock the mysteries of my dreams.

Dream interpretations

Apart from recalling dreams, something interesting began to unfold. I started receiving interpretations for some of my dreams.

As I prayed in tongues in the morning, the dreams would come to mind along with their interpretations. The Lord would guide me to contemplate the dream while praying, and then reveal the true meaning to me.

This led me to become deeply engrossed in praying in tongues first thing every morning, seeking to interpret my dreams and understand the messages the Lord was conveying to me during the night.

The spiritual realm

When I sought out to understand the reason behind this phenomenon, the Lord gave me a fascinating revelation.

Dreams can be a direct communication from God within the spiritual realm. These dreams, are a manifestation of the spiritual realm and can only be comprehended within that realm.

Because of this, it is common for people to possess knowledge within their dreams that exceeds their understanding in the physical realm. In dreams, one is immersed in the spiritual realm, where their spirit has a profound understanding bestowed upon it by God.

This spiritual knowledge surpasses the limitations of the physical body, as there are certain aspects of divine wisdom that are yet to manifest within the physical realm.

Typically, in dreams, things are crystal clear, but upon waking up, some details may become fuzzy. This is why interpreting dreams becomes very important.

Dreams often occur in the spiritual realm, making it challenging to understand them in the physical realm. Praying in tongues can help elevate your faith and bring you back to the same spiritual realm, where the dream was conceived, enabling you to interpret your dreams more easily.

Believers who do not speak in tongues upon waking up in the morning, yet they have the gift risk missing out on divine messages from God through their dreams. The memory of the dreams may vanish, meaning the will never receive an interpretation of those dreams.

On the other hand, if you pray in tongues and fast in the morning, you will consistently remember the dreams given to you by God. Through persistent prayer, you will also attain comprehension and interpretation of these dreams.

If you tend to forget your dreams upon waking up or if you desire to interpret your dreams, I highly recommend exercising this prayer routine every morning.

With time, you will notice that the more you pay attention to this, the more God sends you messages through your dreams. Blessings!

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