Speaking in Tongues Quotes

These are the speaking in tongues quotes I managed to come up with. I do add new quotes whenever I find them.

1. You don’t hate speaking in tongues because I do it. You just hate God’s gift.

2. I have many hobbies but speaking in tongues is my favorite.

3. I belong to the tongue speaking nation.

4. Speaking in Tongues is like earning money; it’s never enough.

5. Speaking in tongues is my full time job. 9-5 is a side hustle.

6. Blessed is he who is not offended when I speak in tongues.

7. The tongue is for speaking in tongues.

8. I’m pretty but wait till I start speaking in tongues.

9. Your opinion about speaking in tongues doesn’t matter if you don’t speak in tongues.

10. Make speaking in tongues great again.

11. I speak in tongues harder than you party.

12. If you see me rushing, it’s because I am going to speak in tongues.

13. Be warned! I can start speaking in tongues anytime.

14. Getting born again is the cake. Speaking in tongues is the icing.

15. Don’t mess with me. I speak in tongues.

16. A for Apple. P for Pentecost. T for Tongues.

17. Introverted but champion at speaking in tongues.

18. Like me or hate me I’ll speak in tongues.

19. Do not forbid speaking in tongues.

20. Speaking in tongues is normal to me as ‘pass me the salt’. Quote by Katy Perry.

21. Speaking in tongues may sound gibberish but it is a guaranteed way to experience peace.

22. Speaking in tongues is a heavenly language. A carnal mind won’t understand it.

23. You hate speaking in tongues? The devil hates it too.

24. If you hate speaking in tongues you don’t love the Holy Spirit. Period!

25. The power of speaking in tongues is only known to those who practice it.

26. Speaking in tongues is the language of expressing the inexpressible to God.

27. If I die let me die speaking in tongues.

28. Speaking in tongues is the prayer highway to heaven.

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