Commanding Angels in Tongues Explained

The subject of commanding angels is quite fascinating in the context of Christianity and more so when it comes to speaking in tongues.

I have encountered many believers who inquire about the possibility of commanding angels while speaking in tongues. Is it possible to command angels during prayer or speaking in tongues?

Here is what I have discovered and wish to share with you.

God is greater than angels

God is superior to all angels as He created them to serve Him. The Bible tells us that humans are above angels, describing them as ministering spirits to humans.

Because of this, some people assume that they can command angels at their will. This is not entirely wrong, but it requires a deeper understanding.

God is the creator of angels and men. He establishes the hierarchy in which they operate. All created beings are expected to maintain the order set by God.

Angels in particular, are created to serve God diligently, knowing that disobedience may result in punishment.

The story of the angels who rebelled against God and were cast out of heaven serves as a reminder that even angels can disobey God and face consequences. Therefore, angels strive to obey the living God who is their master.

As human beings, we are not only the creation of God, but we also strive to live according to His commands. The distinction lies in the fact that angels serve God, while we, as human beings, are considered His children.

To further explain this concept, let’s take an example of the relationship between parents, children and household servants. The servants in a household are justified in being there through a contractual agreement, as they provide valuable services.

Without their contribution, their presence would be rendered useless. It is important to note that these servants are compensated based on their work.

On the other hand, children are born into a household and remain there by virtue of their birthright. They are inherently part of the family due to their place of birth.

Commanding angels explained

Now, let us focus on a typical scenario where children are present in the household. Normally, the parents rely on the assistance of the servants to take care of the children. There are moments when the parents themselves give instructions to the servants regarding the children.

For instance, if the child is hungry and the parent wants to feed them, they would instruct the servant to fetch some food so that the parent can give it to the child. In this situation, it is the parent who dictates the tasks to the servant.

Similarly, God knows that human beings have various needs.  When men present their petitions to God, He commands the angels to meet their needs in response to their plea.

There are instances where God intends to pass a message to mankind. While it is possible for God to speak directly to individuals, there are times when people lack the necessary faith to hear directly from God.

In such cases, God sends angels to deliver the message to the intended person. It is important to note that even though the angel brings the message from God, it is ultimately God who initiates the angel’s mission to serve and assist a believer.

To continue with the household illustration, once children reach a certain age, they can also delegate tasks to the servants.

These servants, despite being employed by the parents, the children can also request them to perform certain tasks for them.

However, the servants must ensure that they prioritize their responsibilities and remain diligent in their work. If a child gives instructions, the servant should willingly carry them out only if they align with the expectations of the parents.

Sometimes, just like the child, you may find yourself wanting to pray and command angels to fulfill your desires. However, it is important to consider whether God approves of the commands you are giving to the angels.

Although angels have the ability to carry out your requests, they also question whether their actions align with the will of the master. They have witnessed the consequences of being on the wrong side with God, such as being cast out of heaven, and they are determined to avoid such a fate.

The right way

What is the correct approach to commanding angels? The first step is acknowledging that you are born as a child and therefore, you should begin by making your requests to God your creator. This is why we all start by praying directly to God, just as Jesus taught us to address God as “Our Father who art in heaven.”

Once you have established a connection with God, you will reach a point where God permits you to make your own request; but before reaching that level, it is crucial to learn and understand God’s commands and laws, as well as discern what is appropriate to ask for.

It is important to note that even Jesus Himself, who had the power to call upon legions of angels, chose not to do so when he was about to be arrested and crucified. This demonstrates the responsibility and trust that comes with commanding angels.

Only when you have grown to that level of understanding and trust from God can you begin to command angels.

It is indeed commendable when believers develop a deep interest and desire to command Angels. However, it is crucial to understand that personal growth is necessary in order to reach a level of understanding God’s dealings with the angels.

When you engage with the angels and aspire to be like their Master, you must emulate God’s actions. Therefore, God will only grant you the ability to command Angels once you have obediently followed His commands and acquired sufficient knowledge to assume such a position.


The Apostle Paul mentions the existence of both human and angelic tongues. Hence, when you speak in tongues, it is the language of the angels. Moreover, the Holy Spirit possesses an innate understanding of your needs and knows precisely whom to address when you pray.

That being so, when you pray, the Holy Spirit will direct your requests to God. However, when the time is right and God determines that you are ready to directly command angels, He will prompt the Holy Spirit.

At that moment, while praying in tongues, the Holy Spirit will transform your utterances into the language of angels, enabling you to communicate directly with the angels.

When a believer reaches the stage of commanding angels directly, the fulfillment of their desires will be swift and efficient.

I hope this explanation provides you a clear understanding of commanding angels through speaking in tongues and how to activate the ministry of angels in your prayer life.

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