How an Encounter with Jesus Feels Like

Jesus is truly the epitome of sweetness. His presence is so overwhelmingly sweet that it is impossible to adequately describe. Nothing compares to the joy and peace that one experiences in His presence.

No matter how lost or broken one may feel, encountering Jesus brings about a sense of renewal and restoration. I can attest to this from my own personal experiences, which have been nothing short of life-changing.

I Would like to share with you what it truly feels like to encounter Jesus and how you too can experience the same if you so desire.


To have an encounter with Jesus, you must have purity of heart. While being born again secures salvation, it does not automatically guarantee an encounter with Jesus. Jesus Himself emphasized the importance of purity of heart in the Beatitudes, stating that the pure in heart shall see God.

Many believers overlook this important factor in their desire to encounter Jesus. So, how do you achieve purity of heart? You simply pray that God gives you a pure heart and that He gives you the grace to avoid all manner of defilements.

By demonstrating a forgiving heart, showing compassion, and blessing others, you pave the way for encounters with Jesus. A simple way to cultivate purity of heart is by regularly praying for others, especially those whom you may struggle to love. God recognizes such acts of love and rewards them with a pure heart.

An impure heart would never pray for others. During the few times I’ve encountered Jesus, there was no evil in my heart. When you possess a pure heart, you can recognize encounters with Jesus as a connection with His heart.

Essentially, if your perception of a matter aligns with how Jesus sees it, you will naturally have an encounter with Him. This is because your heart and the Heart of Jesus are in agreement. The Bible teaches us that when two people agree, they can walk together.

Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?

Amos 3:3

There is also an English proverb that states “birds of a feather flock together.”

How an encounter with Jesus begins

When you are about to have an encounter with Jesus, you feel a very strong connection to Him through your heart.

As previously mentioned, aligning your perception with that of Jesus draws you closer to Him. Specifically, you will feel a strong inclination to connect with Jesus in the areas where your heart resonates with His.

Just before the encounter commences, based on my personal experiences, I typically experience a combination of grief and compassion towards others. This mirrors the emotions Jesus Himself felt in the Book of Matthew 9:36.

When He saw the crowds, He had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.

It arises when I contemplate on the distressing state of humanity, leaving me overwhelmed and at a loss for words. I well up in tears, and it is at this point that Jesus comforts and reassures me, affirming that He shares the same sentiments towards humanity.

How an encounter with Jesus feels

When I am in the presence of Jesus, I often find myself overwhelmed with a multitude of thoughts and emotions that I feel compelled to express to Him.

This inner prompting from the Holy Spirit leads me to pray in tongues. As I begin to speak in this heavenly language, I am filled with a powerful force that cannot be contained.

I am able to comprehend the words that I speak to Jesus in tongues, and simultaneously, I am overcome with intense emotions that often bring me to tears. The experience of being in the presence of Jesus is truly indescribable.

The heavy emotions that weigh me down before encountering Him are lifted, and in their place, I am filled with great joy.

Suddenly, I am enveloped in a heavenly presence, surrounded by warmth, and the atmosphere around me is transformed into something truly magnificent. This encounter with Jesus makes me feel more alive than I have ever felt before.

Jesus does not need to utter a single word; His mere presence is enough to alleviate all the sorrows in your life. Once your burdens have been lifted and you find yourself in a state of tranquility, where you can feel the warmth of Heaven, Jesus often imparts a message.

This message is not only meant for you, but also for other believers who share in your fellowship. Interestingly, this message usually revolves around the immense love that Jesus has for us and His desire for us to be prepared for His second coming.

In those moments when Jesus speaks to you, you are able to truly comprehend the extent of the pain He endured and the depth of His love for us. Naturally, the profound truth behind his words and the emotions they evoke often bring tears to your eyes.

You are probably wondering how Jesus communicates with you. When Jesus speaks to you, you feel a burning sensation in your heart. This is similar to what Cleopas and his companion experienced on their way to Emmaus when Jesus spoke to them as explained in Luke 24:32.

Later, they were reflecting on this encounter saying, ‘Were not our hearts burning within us while He talked to with us on the road and opened the scriptures to us?’

How an encounter with Jesus ends

When an encounter with Jesus concludes, He vanishes as quickly as He appeared, taking with Him all the warm and comforting sensations.

As you regain your senses, you become fully aware of the immense significance of the encounter. The memories of the experience remain vivid in your mind.

The most remarkable sensation after encountering Jesus is an overwhelming sense of peace within your heart. Additionally, an abundance of joy fills your being. You feel incredibly special because Jesus directly spoke to you, and you also feel a profound sense of strength as His words bring healing to your life.

The moment you listen to His words, they enter your life and bring about profound healing. Every aspect that was previously out of alignment becomes astonishingly restored.

Truly, an encounter with Jesus is an incredibly precious and fulfilling experience and every second spent desiring it is worthwhile. Peace!

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