Praying in Tongues Strategy for Winning Spiritual Warfare

If you find yourself facing challenges waging spiritual warfare despite praying in tongues, it may be due to a poor spiritual warfare approach. Praying in tongues alone may not be sufficient to combat spiritual warfare if you lack a well-thought-out strategy.

I have personally experienced this struggle and I would like to share with you an effective warfare strategy that incorporates praying in tongues.

Thanks to this strategy, I no longer face spiritual warfare struggles in my life. The beauty of this approach is that it is practical to anyone who prays in tongues.

During my time in school, I shared a particular strategy with a group of friends, all of whom found success upon trying it for the first time. These individuals had previously relied on dry fasts and night vigils as their warfare tactics with little to no success.

However, after implementing the strategy I shared with them, they experienced positive outcomes within just half an hour, unlike their previous methods which took days without yielding any result.


Before revealing the strategy, allow me to share a brief backstory.

Like many believers, I initially believed that praying in tongues would automatically lead to victory in spiritual warfare; but despite praying fervently in tongues, I felt defeated.

Reluctant to acknowledge this truth, I eventually questioned myself: “What good does it do to pretend everything is fine when I am suffering inside?” This introspection compelled me to pursue a more impactful approach to spiritual warfare.

This is when I made the bold decision to cease all spiritual warfare activities in spite of being warned that this could leave me vulnerable to the enemy attacks.

Surprisingly, once I stopped waging spiritual warfare, my life became more peaceful. Contrary to expectations, the enemy did not strike. The only discomfort came from the puzzled looks of church leaders accustomed to my active participation in warfare prayers.

This marked the start of my journey towards discovering the warfare strategy I am now sharing with you.

The big break

It was revealed to me that by refraining from provoking the enemy, the enemy had no grounds to harm me. Initially, this concept seemed confusing. However, I soon understood that when I initiated attacks against the enemy, he had the right to retaliate.

Once I ceased launching attacks, the enemy was unable to harm me as I was innocent. This realization marked a significant turning point in my quest to overcome spiritual battles in my life.


At that moment, a different question arose in my mind: how can I engage in spiritual warfare if I am not meant to initiate spiritual attacks against the enemy? How can I combat the enemy?

In response to this, the Lord revealed to me that I needed to have faith. It was made clear to me that if I had faith, I would no longer need to battle because the Lord would fight on my behalf.

In fact, I had already demonstrated great faith when I ceased all spiritual warfare and instead chose to rely on God. To understand how to properly engage in spiritual warfare, the Lord intervened and ensured that the enemy could not launch any spiritual attacks against me.


Additionally, to successfully win spiritual warfare, it is essential to eliminate anything within you that is associated with the enemy. This way, the enemy has no reason to attack you.

 I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me.

John 14:30

By praying in tongues and seeking God’s guidance to identify and remove these negative influences, you can prevent the enemy from having a foothold in your life.

I have personally witnessed the power of this strategy in the lives of my friends who were facing tough spiritual battles.

While I was praying for them, the Lord revealed to me their respective weak-points that the enemy was using against them. I led them into repentance and suddenly all attacks from the enemy ceased.

I hope this simple yet remarkable strategy works for you. Blessings!

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