Praying in Tongues Aloud

I recently realized that praying aloud in tongues helps me soak in the spirit quicker. In this article, I will share how this transformative discovery came about.

As part of my daily routine, I spend an hour each morning speaking in tongues. In addition to the spiritual aspect, I also seek physical adjustments to enhance my prayer life.

I approach speaking in tongues as a project. By doing so, I aim for each day to be physically and spiritually easier than the previous day, leading to breakthroughs and growth in this gift.

Initially, I struggled with waking up early in the morning, often opting to rise later in the day because I would retire to bed quite late. However, I discovered that praying is more effective when done in the early hours.

To accommodate this change, I adjusted my schedule to ensure I could go to bed earlier and wake up earlier as well to allow ample time for morning prayers.

While this adjustment proved beneficial, I encountered a challenge; the drowsiness that often accompanied waking up early made it difficult to engage in speaking in tongues.

Luckily, I soon discovered that by simply raising my voice, I was able to delve deeper into the spiritual realm. This finding enhanced the sweetness of praying in tongues and encouraged me to continue praying without becoming drowsy.

It also become clear to me that confidence is a key factor when praying in tongues. The more confident I feel, the greater my chances of accessing and immersing myself in the spiritual realm.

However, the question of how to gain confidence in praying in tongues remained. It can be challenging especially for beginners to feel confident in their ability to connect deeply with the spirit.

I have come to realize that when God gave us the gift of praying in tongues, He also provided us with opportunities to access Him, both through physical actions and spiritual practices.

Previously, I believed that the only way to be confident in praying in tongues was to experience a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

This happened to me when a man of God laid hands on me in church, and I spoke in tongues with boldness. It was similar to what happened to the Disciples of Jesus on the day of Pentecost when they spoke in tongues boldly because the Holy Spirit had come upon them.

However, I soon realized that relying solely on these special events was not sustainable. I couldn’t always count on someone laying hands on me or attending specific fellowships to feel confident in praying in tongues.

This led me to question whether I could pray confidently without having to wait for these special occasions to access the deep spiritual realms.

In my search for answers, I began exploring physical tweaks and adjustments to see if they could help me pray with confidence.

The Lord began to reveal to me that there are two avenues, one being physical and the other spiritual, through which we can access Him. Those who are more spiritually inclined will find it easier to connect with God and feel confident in prayer due to their spiritual knowledge.

On the other hand, those who may not be as spiritually endowed can still approach God through physical means and eventually reach deep spiritual realms.

I recalled a time when I participated in a singing training session at church. The instructor emphasized the importance of raising our voices in order to sing confidently and skillfully.

This made me question why I needed to raise my voice, as I believed that if I truly loved God, I could simply sing from my heart without the need for vocal projection

Considering that this was the teaching in music, I decided to apply the same principle to my prayer life. I experimented with raising my voice while praying to see if it would have a similar effect as it did in singing.

Surprisingly, it worked perfectly. Previously, when I prayed with a low voice or in tongues, I noticed that my body wasn’t fully engaged.

By raising my voice, it naturally compelled me to use my hands, stomp my feet, and engage various body parts, enhancing my connection to the deep spiritual realms.

Additionally, it helped prevent my mind from wandering, as I became more focused on the physical movements and actions that aided me in diving deep into the spirit.

If you struggle with praying in tongues for extended periods or tend to fall asleep during the prayers, I recommend that you consider raising your voice. By raising your voice, you can initiate a chain of activities that will naturally bring you closer to God. Blessings!

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