The Impact of Praying in Tongues for One Hour Every Morning

I have an interesting morning routine that involves praying in tongues for an hour. This routine has significantly enhanced my life in numerous ways; some of which I anticipated, while others took me by surprise.

In this article, I will discuss the positive impact of this morning routine on my life and why you should consider adopting this practice.

The reason behind my decision to start praying in tongues for an hour every morning was due to a series of unsettling dreams I was experiencing at the time.

Initially, I was not in the habit of praying in tongues in the morning as I struggled with waking up early. However, after being tormented by repeated attacks in my dreams between 3:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m., I resulted to foregoing my sleep and waking up to pray.

I became accustomed to this practice until it became a habit.

Besides the nightmares, I had another reason for starting to pray in tongues in the morning. I was seeking interpretation for the dreams I used to have. Not all the dreams I had were bad; some of them were actually good dreams, but they required interpretation.

Since I didn’t know how to interpret dreams, all I could do was pray and ask God for guidance. I found that praying in tongues was a way for me to communicate with God and seek His revelation for the dreams I had the previous night.

Therefore, I made it a habit to speak in tongues for at least one hour after waking up, hoping that the Lord would provide me with the interpretation. This was the second reason why I started praying in tongues first thing in the morning.

So, did speaking in tongues early in the morning prove beneficial for me?

Yes, incorporating praying in tongues and fasting in the morning helped alleviate the bad dreams I was experiencing at that time. As I made it a part of my routine, I noticed a significant decrease in the occurrence of those unsettling dreams.

Additionally, I began to receive interpretations for the dreams I had. Interestingly, even on nights when I thought I hadn’t dreamt at all, praying in tongues in the morning would trigger my memory of the dream.

This realization was quite surprising to me, as I had previously assumed that I didn’t dream on certain nights. This practice not only helped me overcome the frustration of waking up to pray after a bad dream but also provided me with valuable insights into the meaning behind those dreams.

I also noticed that praying in tongues first thing in the morning brought a sense of peace that lasted throughout the day. This realization motivated me to maintain this routine, as it helped me start each day on a peaceful note.

I found that speaking in tongues for an hour every morning set a positive mood and facilitated a smooth-sailing throughout the day. This has been a consistent experience for me.

So, how exactly do I conduct this routine? Let me break it down.

Upon waking up, I have curated a playlist consisting of worship songs that really move my spirit. These songs are then compiled into a playlist on my phone.

As soon as I wake up, I play this playlist on loop, allowing the songs to continuously play one after another. The duration of this playlist exceeds an hour, providing me with ample time to engage in prayer.

This playlist has proven to be very helpful, particularly on days when I am feeling discouraged. It aids in creating the perfect atmosphere for prayer, as the worship songs have been sung under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Secondly, I use my phone to set a timer for one hour. As soon as I arise, I wash my face, make my bed, and then I start the timer to ensure I pray in tongues for the full hour.

In my room, I have a chair where I sit to pray, conveniently located next to my bed. This setup allows me to easily transition into prayer without much preparation, making it comfortable and helping me maintain consistency in my daily prayer routine.

Lastly, I always switch my phone to silent mode, specifically using the Do Not Disturb feature to avoid any distractions from incoming calls or notifications while I am praying. This way, only worship songs play in the background, ensuring a focused and undisturbed prayer time.

In summary, dedicating one hour every morning to praying in tongues can avert unsettling dreams and greatly benefit your ability to remember and interpret dreams.

By establishing a strong foundation in the morning, you can ensure a peaceful and positive mood that will carry through the rest of your day.

If you are yet to incorporate this into your routine, it is worth considering. Blessings!

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