How to Pray in Tongues for One Hour

If you possess the gift of speaking in tongues but struggle to pray for an hour, this article is for you. Here you will find three practical steps to help you speak in tongues for long durations without losing momentum.

Praying first thing in the morning

The first step is speaking in tongues as soon as you wake up in the morning. You may wonder why this is significant. Every believer should understand that the spiritual realm operates differently from the world.

Since speaking in tongues is a form of communication with God, comprehension of the spiritual realm is required in order to effectively commune with God.

The actions we engage in the physical realm have a direct impact on the spiritual realm. In fact, the spiritual realm is an extension of the Physical Realm. When you devote an hour to speaking in tongues, it is not uncommon to encounter opposition from evil spirits.

These evil spirits employ both spiritual and physical weapons in an attempt to divert ones focus from speaking in tongues. The spiritual weapons used by these evil spirits manifest as intrusive thoughts while one is engaged in prayer.

This experience may sound familiar, as many individuals have expressed frustration over their minds wandering as they speak in tongues. The wandering of the mind can be disheartening and ultimately hinder your ability to continue praying in tongues.

By implementing a simple technique of beginning your day with prayer, you can outsmart the devil’s cunning tactics. The evil spirits rely on the wicked inclinations within one’s mind to prompt them with discouraging thoughts, preventing them from engaging in prolonged prayer.

As human beings residing in a sinful world, we encounter many evil influences. The evil spirits exploit this by reminding a believer of the evil things they have witnessed and heard, aiming to discourage and distract them from praying in tongues for an extended period.

However, if you commence your day by praying in tongues, your mind is typically fresh and untainted. The previous day’s evil is mostly forgotten overnight. Once you practice this technique, you will discover that it becomes remarkably effortless to engage in an hour-long session of praying in tongues.

In my prayer routine, I engage in speaking in tongues for thirty minutes before bedtime, followed by a one hour speaking in tongues session upon waking up in the morning. This routine has proven to be highly effective for me.

The prayers before bedtime help me clear my mind of any impure thoughts, leaving me feeling refreshed and pure in the morning. This purity makes it easier for me to speak in tongues for a full hour first thing in the morning.

Playing worship music

The enemy is always seeking ways to divert one’s attention from speaking in tongues. Any spiritual support you can obtain to aid you in speaking in tongues for long time is greatly appreciated. Playing worship music during this time is one of the ways to enhance the spiritual experience. The worship songs create a Godly atmosphere that invites angels into your space.

The only way the enemy can hinder prolonged prayer in tongues is by injecting evil thoughts into the mind. By playing worship music in the background while speaking in tongues, you create a safety net for your mind to rely on and prevent it from wandering.

When speaking in tongues, ensure that your mind is focused on the lyrics of the worship songs. This way, the enemy will not have the opportunity to infiltrate your thoughts with distractions, allowing you to pray in tongues without interruption.

This also explains why some individuals find it easier to speak in tongues when they are in church with a man of God rather than when they are praying alone. This is because the man of God, is supported by angels and therefore no demon can hinder the believers’ ability to speak in tongues at length in this kind of divine environment.

Praying while seated

It is unlikely that one can kneel for an hour without experiencing numbness. If you wish to pray in tongues for an hour, it is advisable to remain seated. Although it’s also okay to walk around while speaking in tongues, doing so for an hour requires a significant amount of energy.

It may be too demanding, especially if you are new to speaking in tongues. As a beginner, it is important to sit upright and comfortably while speaking in tongues. Once you have become accustomed to exercising the gift for an hour, you can then explore other positions such as kneeling or walking around.

If you happen to doze off while speaking in tongues, there is no need to feel guilty. Speaking in tongues often brings a sense of tranquility, which can actually make falling asleep quite comfortable.

In my early attempts at speaking in tongues for an hour, I would often find myself drifting off to sleep. This occurred frequently because I was not accustomed to concentrating for such a prolonged period during prayer.

To address this, I devised a strategy. I would begin my prayer session by praying for the first 30 minutes, then allow myself to nap for 20 minutes in the chair where I was seated. After those 20 minutes, I would resume praying for the remaining 30 minutes, thus completing the full hour of prayer.

This approach has proved to be beneficial, especially for beginners attempting to pray in tongues for long sessions. However, as you become more accustomed to it, you will find that falling asleep becomes less of an issue.

If you’ve made it this far into the article, here is a golden nugget for you. If you want to make it to an hour of speaking in tongues, always switch to praying in understanding when praying in tongues begins to feel difficult. I hope you found this to be helpful. Blessings!

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