Speaking in Tongues – God’s Miracle

In January 2020, I joined a group of friends to visit a high school with our pastor. Our purpose was to preach and pray for the students, as we usually did. However, during this particular mission, something extraordinary occurred that completely transformed my perception of God.

This mission was led by our pastor, who provided guidance on the activities and messages we would deliver. Our role was to assist in conducting prayers, leading sessions, and interacting with the students. The mission which kicked off on Saturday, culminated in a final meeting on a Sunday afternoon.

During this last session, the pastor was to preach and we would later on pray for the students just as we had done in the previous schools we visited; except that God had a different plan for this particular meeting.

The meeting commenced in the usual manner with one of us leading the students in prayer and worship. Then the pastor stepped forward to deliver a sermon on the Holy Spirit and His gifts. As the pastor began preaching, dark clouds gathered, indicating an approaching heavy downpour.

With the meeting being held outdoors, the students grew uneasy out of fear of being caught in the rain. Despite the clouds approaching quickly, the pastor paused during his sermon, raised his hands, and prayed for the rain to hold off until 5:00 p.m., giving us a window of forty minutes to conclude.

Some of the students doubted if the prayers would have any impact. In fact, before this session, we had shared with them the miracles God had done in the previous schools we visited. At this moment, they were also expecting an unfolding of a miracle right before their eyes.

Now, this is where the miracle begins. The clouds drew closer and closer but surprisingly, not even a single drop of rain fell.

We realized that this unusual occurrence was a result of divine intervention as God had answered the pastor’s prayers. This revelation brought confirmation to us, as the missionaries, that indeed God was involved in our mission.

After the pastor’s sermon, we proceeded to pray for the students, engaging in various spiritual activities such as laying hands, speaking in tongues, and casting out demons. As the session neared its end, a sudden downpour commenced, catching all of us off guard. The rain, which had been held back, poured down all at once, leaving everyone soaking wet.

We were filled with astonishment as we witnessed this manifestation of God’s power. The rain, heavier than usual, left us pondering its significance. It wasn’t until later, while praying, that the Lord revealed the purpose behind the downpour.

As we interceded and ministered to others, God desired to cleanse and purify the surroundings. The rain served as a symbol of His cleansing power, a tangible confirmation of His presence among us. By bringing the rain earlier than expected, God displayed His might and glory in an unconventional manner, ensuring that His divine intervention was unmistakable.

The unusual darkness of the clouds, the eerie silence, and the precise timing of the rain all pointed towards a supernatural occurrence, leaving no doubt that it was God’s hand at work. From this, I learned that God is very precise and works in a well-calculated manner.

Secondly, I discovered that in the presence of God, His strictness is evident. Despite the rain pouring down heavily on many people, God did not delay in fulfilling His promise to bring rain at 5:00 p.m.

This taught me the importance of being cautious with my words in the presence of God, as He will fulfill them exactly as spoken. Our words can be a blessing when spoken mindfully and a curse when used recklessly. Therefore, I have become more careful in my communication with God.

On numerous occasions, I find myself speaking in tongues and reaching a point where I sense the divine presence of God surrounding me. In such moments, I make a conscious effort to limit the words I speak. This is because I am aware that any word uttered in this sacred atmosphere carries great weight and significance.

When in the presence of God, it is crucial to exercise caution and mindfulness with our words. The Bible even advises against hastily making vows in God’s presence, as it is better to refrain from making a vow than to make one and fail to fulfill it.

It is important to understand that as we draw closer to God, our spoken words hold immense significance. Because of this, God establishes boundaries to prevent us from approaching His throne too closely; He knows that we may speak thoughtless or careless statements in His presence and He would be obligated to honor them.

Thus, we must be mindful not to make requests or prayers that are disorderly or poorly thought out, as they will be granted just as we have spoken them.

I hope you draw valuable insights regarding the essence of God from this extraordinary encounter. Blessings!

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