How to Pray to God for a Car

“Oh God I pray give me a new car that I may use it to serve you”. If you have ever made this type of prayer, you are not alone; I once made a similar prayer.

Praying for God to give you a new car is a common prayer. However, many people who pray for a new car never get it.


Because they fail to understand a few things about praying to God for a new car!

In this article, I will help you understand how to pray to God for a new car and actually get it.

How God provides a new car

Before you start praying to God for a new car, ask yourself how God provides a car. If you know how God provides a car, you will have faith when you pray for Him to provide one for you.

Whether you are praying for a personal car or a car for your ministry, the formula is the same.

God provides a car for his mission

It is true that God provides cars to his children. However, the provision is based on a number of conditions. One of those conditions is that you must be serving God in the place He asked you to serve.

In our normal life, we know that companies provide cars for their employees. The employees get cars to facilitate their movement while doing the work they were hired to do.

The same is true with God; He provides cars for those serving in His kingdom to facilitate their work.

Just because a company can afford to buy cars for its employees doesn’t mean that they will buy them. Usually, they buy when it is necessary.

The same is true with God; He provides cars for his children when it is necessary.

For this reason, it is wise to make sure you are in the mission of serving God before you pray for a car. God will hear your prayer for a new car but He will want to see you working for His kingdom for Him to give you the car.

But don’t be discouraged yet because there is something else…

God provides a car for his children

You may not be a busy servant of God to give you the right to ask for a car but you can still get it as a son. Apart from God providing a car for people serving in His kingdom, He also provides cars for His sons.

While the cars that God provides for His servants are meant to advance His kingdom, the cars that God provides for His sons are meant to uphold the image of His kingdom.

God is rich, super rich! Because of this, He also makes His children rich. The Bible tells us that the blessings of God make one rich and add no sorrow to it.

If you have faith in God and you have built an intimate relationship with Him, you will ask Him for a car and He will give it to you just because you are His child.

God prefers that His children drive cars than walk on foot. It grieves God when His children are mocked for walking on foot while the heathen drive cars.

Praying to God for a Car comes with a Lifestyle

Before you get very excited, understand that a car is only a small portion of your life. God not only wants you to have a car but also wants you to have a wealthy lifestyle.

What is the point of having a car when you can barely afford food? Are there not homeless people who live in their cars? God doesn’t want that for you.

For this reason, when you pray for a car, God will take you through training to live a rich lifestyle before giving you the car you prayed for.

When you have a car, society will have expectations; the nicer the car, the higher the expectations. To meet those societal expectations, God has to train you.

There will be people who will come to you for financial help just because they saw you driving a nice car. If you help them, they will be glad but if you don’t help them, they will mock you and question your faith in God.

For this reason, God makes sure that you have enough money to match the type of car He gives you. That way, if people come to you for financial help because they saw you driving a nice car, you will have money to give them.

For some believers, their lifestyle is good enough to own a car. For others, there is learning to be done.

Regardless of where you fall, the lifestyle must be in place for you to get a car from God.

Taking Action after Praying to God for a Car

Faith without action is dead, the Bible tells us. When you pray to God for a car, you have exercised your faith. But that faith will remain dead until when you add action to it.

God uses the financial systems of the world to bless His children with cars. After all, cars are man-made objects.

For this reason, God will require you to take some action to prove that you have believed Him. Even if God intends to use someone to gift you a car, God will require that you work on your character so that it is pleasing enough for someone to be motivated to gift you a car.

For some, God gives them knowledge to start businesses that will eventually provide them money to buy the car. For others, God links them to get jobs in companies that will give them cars.

For those in ministry, God touches people to gift them cars after they benefit from the ministry.

The more proactive you are, the sooner you will get your car and a rich lifestyle.

Sample Prayer for God to give you a Car

Heavenly Father, you are my Lord and my God. Blessed be your Holy Name. You are the great King! There is none mighty like you in all the earth. I pray today as your child that you teach me to live like a King. I have desired to own a car but I understand that you have a greater vision for me. Teach me to align myself to your vision that I may enjoy your full blessing. Even as you shall provide for me the car and the rich lifestyle, I pray that you help me to remember the most important aspect of my life which is my relationship with you. Let the car only be a tool to help me serve you better but my heart be yours forever.

Thank you because I know you listen to me when I pray.

In Jesus name I pray…Amen!

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