The Spiritual Impact of Praying in Tongues Alongside Someone

God is so good to us that He not only gave us the gift of praying in tongues to reinforce prayer but He also made it easy for us to exercise the gift. Some people may find praying in tongues to be challenging and others who are yet to receive the gift may feel discouraged.

The truth is, God has intentionally made it effortless for us to engage in this form of prayer. One of the ways God has been gracious to us through this gift is by allowing us to strengthen each other’s faith while praying in tongues.

By praying alongside others, we are able to be uplifted and encouraged to pray in tongues with greater zeal and ease.

When it comes to receiving the gift of praying in tongues, it is important to remember that there are various ways in which people can begin practicing this gift.

In the Bible, there are instances where individuals received the gift of praying in tongues after being laid hands on. Therefore, God has allowed for different methods for believers to start praying in tongues.

Additionally, for those who already pray in tongues, there may be days when it feels challenging to do so. In such times, praying in tongues alongside others can help kick-start the process. My personal experience maturing in this gift of praying in tongues has taught me the importance of these different approaches.

I remember being part of a fellowship where praying in tongues was a common practice. Being new, I was fortunate to be surrounded by believers who had been praying in tongues for many years. This made it easier for me to learn and incorporate praying in tongues into my personal prayer routine.

I am truly grateful to God for placing me in such a fellowship, as it provided a solid foundation for my journey. Since receiving the gift of praying in tongues, I have never struggled with it.

However, I wondered what it was in the spiritual realm that made it easier to pray in tongues alongside others as compared to praying alone. To answer this question, I soon received a revelation which I will share with you.

Tapping into higher faith

There are believers who received the gift of speaking in tongues through baptism and others though faith. If someone with a higher level of faith than you is praying in tongues, they are paving the way for you in the spiritual realm.

Therefore, if you find praying in tongues to be challenging, and you have the opportunity to pray alongside someone with greater faith, you will be following their lead in the spiritual realm.

Apostle Paul demonstrated this concept by encouraging others to follow him as he followed Christ. This invitation by Apostle Paul serves as a practical example since it is easier for people with weaker faith to emulate him rather than attempting to follow Christ directly.

Essentially, when praying in tongues with someone who possesses stronger faith than you, the tongues become easier. This is because the individual with greater faith has already overcome many of the obstacles that you would have encountered in the spiritual realm while praying in tongues.

By following their lead in the spiritual realm, they have paved the way for you, making it simpler for you to engage in praying in tongues.

I recall a specific instance from the same fellowship mentioned earlier where we prayed in tongues. On one particular day, one of the congregants expressed the desire to pray in tongues.

The lady leading the prayer session began speaking in tongues in a soft, slow manner and instructed the believer to repeat after her. After repeating the tongues several times, the individual finally received the gift of praying in tongues.

Worship songs

I also suggest playing worship songs if you find it challenging to pray in tongues. When someone with strong faith sings a worship song to God, the song raises the faith of those who listen to it. Certain songs can even fight battles on your behalf.

By playing a worship song in the background while praying in tongues, the song will create a path for you in the spiritual realm, making it easier for you to pray in tongues.

In summary, if you desire to receive the gift of praying in tongues, you can receive this gift by praying alongside someone who already has it. Listening to powerful worship songs also helps in achieving a deeper connection with God.

By practicing the above, your ability to pray in tongues will naturally progress to the level of those with a higher level of faith in the spirit, allowing you to effortlessly exercise this powerful gift.

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