Praying in Tongues: How God Speaks

Whether you pray in tongues or not, one common thing we have as believers is the longing to hear from God. Because of this, many believers often ask about hearing directly from God during prayer. This article thoroughly explores the details of how you can develop the ability to hear the voice of God.


To understand how God communicates, let’s first refer back to Genesis 1:1. The Bible states that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

The first concept to grasp is dimensions. In simple terms, dimensions refer to space. Mathematically, a dimension is defined as the number of coordinates that form a vertex, or in simpler terms, the number of lines that create a point or a corner.

Since we live in a three-dimensional world, if you observe any corner in your house, you will notice three lines converging in that corner.

Initially, there were only dimensions, or in other words, only space. The Bible refers to this as a void. When God initiated creation, He brought order to this chaotic void, which included establishing dimensions.

Essentially, God ordained the first, second, third, fourth dimensions, and so forth, up to infinity. There are infinite dimensions because God himself is infinite, and everything He creates automatically reflects His infinite nature. Therefore, God created various entities to fit into different dimensions.

In the zero Dimension, which is the most basic Dimension, God created words. In the First Dimension, God created time.

In the second dimension, God created thoughts and reasoning.

In the third dimension, we have our physical bodies and all other physical entities that we are familiar with.

An important point to note is that sound exists in all Dimensions. Understanding this is of utmost importance when you want to hear from God.

Zero dimension

In the zero Dimension, where words exist, there are distinct characteristics. First, there is no length, width, or height. In physics, matter is typically defined as anything that has mass and occupies space, but this definition only applies to the third dimension.

In the zero Dimension, the objects and creations that exist do not occupy space or possess mass, yet they still exist.

First dimension

In the first dimension, we have time. As we all know, time only moves forward in one direction. This is why even the Bible mentions the end of time, and Jesus refers to it multiple times.

The end of time signifies that time is progressing towards a specific point, and it only moves in one direction.

Second dimension

Our thoughts and reasoning belong to the second dimension. This is because we can contemplate the future and reflect on the past in our thoughts.

Essentially, our thoughts can move in two directions: forward and backward, making them two-dimensional.

Third dimension

In the realm of the third dimension, our perception is shaped by the experiences we encounter. When God communicates with us, he takes into account the limitations of our dimensional existence.

God, being beyond the realm of dimensions, must tailor His message to a specific dimension in order to speak to us. In the third dimension where we exist, our words are accompanied by sound when we speak.

However, sound and words are distinct entities. Our ears perceive sound, and from that sound, we derive meaning.

In the zero Dimension, words exist, while meaning and reasoning exist in the second dimension. Sound, on the other hand, exists in all Dimensions. Therefore, when you speak, your words are accompanied by sound.

In the third dimension, words and sounds may appear as one, but in reality, they are distinct. This distinction is crucial in understanding how God communicates. When God speaks, He has the ability to convey words with sound or without sound.

During Jesus’ baptism, a voice was heard from heaven, indicating that God was communicating both through words and sound simultaneously.

And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”

Matthew 3:17

This demonstrates that in a three-dimensional world, comprehension is facilitated when words are accompanied by sound.

In other dimensions, God chooses to communicate through silent words. Words hold immense power in the zero dimension, influencing everything around them.

To simplify, consider the analogy of multiplying any number by zero in mathematics – the result will always be zero. This property of zero reflects the power of the zero dimension, as it transforms other numbers into itself when multiplied.

Similarly, when God spoke the words “let there be light,” it had the effect of converting everything around it into light.

Just as zero converts other numbers to zero when multiplied with them, words spoken by God transform everything into their own form. This is why creation occurred through spoken words.

When God communicates with you in the third dimension, He may send a three-dimensional creature, like a prophet, to deliver His message through words and sounds.

On the other hand, when God speaks directly to you, it is from the zero Dimension, where His words are soundless. This is why people describe hearing a still small voice, as it lacks sound.

It is a Zero dimensional creation that can only be understood inwardly, leading you to use your reasoning in the second dimension to interpret the message and act upon it in the three-dimensional world.

Despite the complexity, I hope this explanation gives you a better understanding on how to hear from God. Blessings!

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