Praying in Tongues: How to Reverse Interpret your Own Tongues

Typically, in order to interpret the tongues you are speaking, you must first speak in tongues. After speaking in tongues, the Holy Spirit will provide you with the interpretation.

This process can be challenging for those new to interpreting tongues, as it may be difficult to determine if their interpretation is accurate.

Reverse interpreting your own tongues can be a much simpler method especially for beginners, as it reduces the level of faith needed to receive the interpretation. Additionally, it serves as a helpful tool for practicing how to speak in tongues effectively.

I discovered this interpretation technique when the Lord graciously used it to teach me how to interpret my own tongues. I found it fascinating, realizing that I should have been aware of it earlier.

Let me guide you through the process and share how the Lord instructed me, so that you too can begin interpreting your own tongues if you haven’t already.

Reverse interpretation

The conventional way of interpreting tongues is quite straightforward. It entails speaking the tongues first and then receiving the interpretation. However, there is an alternative approach where you receive the interpretation of the tongues first and then speak them afterwards.

Essentially, you already have the intended meaning of the prayer you wish to make, and then you convert it into tongues.

This reverse process is facilitated by the Holy Spirit, who helps merge the two aspects together. Once you have mastered this method, you will find that the initial approach also becomes much easier to master.


When it comes to reverse interpreting your own tongues, the first step is to pray for God to grant you Faith. This is key in all interactions with God, as faith is pleasing to Him.

Without faith, you cannot have a relationship with God, as even the Holy Spirit’s guidance is dependent on your level of faith.

Therefore, it is crucial to begin by asking God to strengthen your faith. Simply pray in a way that you understand, expressing your desire to interpret your tongues and asking for the grace to grow in faith.

The process of how God accomplishes this is known only to Him, and it is challenging to put into words. However, the key is to pray and trust that God will indeed build your faith. Once your faith is strengthened, it becomes easier to interpret tongues.

There have been instances where I have interpreted tongues, and someone has approached me, asking how I know that my interpretation is correct.

I respond by telling them that I simply have faith. I may not be able to provide a clear explanation, but internally, I am able to discern what is right. I am certain it is right because God has bestowed faith upon me.

How did I acquire this faith? I simply prayed to God, asking Him to grant me the ability to interpret tongues.

Praying in tongues and interpreting tongues are both gifts of the Holy Spirit. Additionally, faith is also a gift of the Holy Spirit.

These are all gifts of the Holy Spirit, and they complement one another. If you possess one gift, it becomes easier to receive another gift. Having the next gift enhances your performance even in the previous gift.


The next step you should take is to cultivate a desire. This desire should be something you already want to pray for or rather something you want to communicate to God.

This desire is what you will ask the Holy Spirit to help you convert into tongues. It can be any kind of desire. Of course, you can also simply pray in tongues and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you towards the right desire to express.

Sometimes, as you begin praying in tongues, you may suddenly remember how good God has been to you, and you may feel compelled to give thanks to Him. This is usually the Holy Spirit showing you what you should pray for at that moment.

This step is crucial because you will be using your desire as the foundation for praying in tongues.

Converting desire into tongues

Once you have identified your desire and what you want to communicate to God, the third step is to ask the Holy Spirit to help you convert that desire into tongues.

You will notice that unlike the usual way of praying in tongues, where you simply start praying in tongues, the Holy Spirit will only prompt you to speak in tongues when you understand the meaning of what you are praying for.

In my experience, whenever I had a desire to thank God, I would feel the urge to pray in tongues and offer thanks to Him. And when I felt that I had expressed enough gratitude, the tongues would naturally cease.

The Holy Spirit will guide you and let you know when your desire has been effectively communicated to God. Initially, you may not be able to understand each word you are speaking but the holy spirit will let you know what you are expressing to God.

This method of interpreting tongues is simply a reversed approach that is highly effective and easy for believers learning to interpret Tongues. I hope you find it helpful. Blessings!

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