Praying in Tongues in a Defiled Environment

I have observed that many believers face a significant challenge, which I personally also struggled with for quite some time during my initial moments praying in tongues. This challenge revolves around being in a defiled environment that makes it difficult to pray in tongues.

It is important to understand that the enemy is well aware that God does not reside in polluted surroundings. Because of this, the enemy strives to defile the environment in which a believer prays in. This makes it impossible for God’s presence to enter despite the believer’s earnest prayers.

In The Book of Leviticus, there were purity laws given by God to the Israelites to maintain their purity so that God could dwell among them. However, there were instances when the Israelites defiled themselves, causing God’s presence not to descend.

Moses had to go to God instead of God coming to meet the Israelites. Messages from God had to be relayed through Moses to the people.

There are times when you pray in tongues, desiring God’s presence, yet you feel a sense of dryness during prayer and absence of God’s presence.

One main reason for finding yourself in this kind of a situation, is being in a defiled environment. Despite fervent prayers and diligently seeking God, His presence may not manifest in such a place.

It becomes necessary for one to leave that environment in order to draw closer to God. In extreme cases when someone is desperately in need of God’s presence and is in a defiled environment, God may give them an encounter through a vision.

The world we live in is filled with evil, making it technically a defiled place. However, it is possible to create small sanctuaries within this defiled world, such as our homes, which can be considered as altars.

These altars are physical territories that have been consecrated through prayers. For instance, if you pray regularly in your bedroom, over time, God sanctifies that space, sending His angels to make the place habitable for His presence.

Praying from a sanctified place makes it easier to feel God’s presence. On the other hand, praying outside of such a space can sometimes be more challenging, leading to a lack of breakthrough.

To enhance your prayer experience, it is recommended to consistently pray from the same environment. This repetition sanctifies the place, making it more conducive for spiritual encounters.

Before God’s presence manifests in a location, His angels, known as the ‘angels of the presence of God’, are sent to verify the purity of the place. Once confirmed, God’s presence can then dwell in that place, making prayer, encounters, and spiritual manifestations effortless and straightforward.

I understand that there are individuals who find themselves in situations where they lack control over their surroundings. Many people can relate to this, including myself. I used to pray in tongues, but I came from a family where we were primarily casual believers, not specifically focused on praying in tongues.

As a result, I often felt restricted whenever I desired to pray in tongues. There were moments when I wanted to pray louder in tongues because I sensed a strong presence of the Holy Spirit within me, urging me to do so.

However, due to the people around me, my spirit felt suppressed. It’s difficult to put into words, but I felt constrained in that environment; and so I began praying to God, asking Him to guide me to a better environment where I could pray freely.

I persisted in my prayers until eventually, God led me to a more conducive environment where I could openly pray in tongues and express myself freely. I noticed that in the new environment, it became much easier for me to pray in tongues and to connect with God compared to the previous environment.

From this experience I learned that the environment in which I find myself plays a significant role in my ability to connect with God. It can either facilitate or hinder His presence.

Therefore, I strongly encourage you to consider this aspect if you have been struggling to have a fulfilling experience while praying in tongues. It is possible that the environment you are currently in is corrupted, which may be affecting your spiritual encounters.

In such a case, you could try to improve the atmosphere and make it more conducive for experiencing God’s presence. Alternatively, you might consider relocating to a new environment that is more accommodating to give yourself a better opportunity to encounter God. Blessings!

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