Signs you are Called to Serve in the Praying in Tongues Army of the Lord

In as much as many believers possess the gift of praying in tongues, at the end of the day we have our individual callings in life.

Kingdom callings

Some people are called to teach the word of God, like myself. Others are called to sing and worship the Lord, while some are called to engage in spiritual warfare as part of the army of the Lord.

Depending on the specific calling on your life, the tongues you speak will naturally align with your calling. This way, the tongues you speak will refine and enhance your calling.

This is why you will observe different believers gravitating towards different areas when they pray in tongues.

There are also people who, when praying in tongues, feel as though the Holy Spirit is inspiring them with various songs, indicating a calling to the worship ministry.

Personally, when I engage in praying in tongues, I often receive revelations and profound knowledge from the Lord, as I have been called to teach about His kingdom.

Those who have been called to engage in spiritual warfare may have unique experiences when praying in tongues, which are specific to their calling.

I will explain these experiences so that in case you are going through the same, you will be able to recognize them and understand that you have been called to serve in the army of the Lord.

Highly aggressive tongues

The initial and unmistakable indication that you have been summoned to engage in spiritual warfare through praying in tongues is having highly assertive tongues.

These tongues cannot be restrained, and for some reason, speaking in tongues softly becomes nearly impossible. Instead, you consistently find yourself drawn towards tongues that express great aggression.

At times, it even seems as though people who pray in a gentle manner are not truly engaging in tongues because you always seek to pray the loudest and most forceful tongues.

While occasional aggressive prayers may occur for some individuals, those truly enlisted in the Lord’s army often experience persistent aggression in their prayers. If you notice that your prayers are constantly filled with aggression, it could be a sign that you have been called to serve in the army of the Lord.

Attacks from the enemy

Another sign that you have been called to wage war in spiritual warfare is the increased attacks from the enemy.

Believers who engage in spiritual warfare often find themselves under constant attack, a phenomenon that may be difficult to understand. However, these relentless attacks are typically directed towards individuals who actively engage in spiritual warfare through prayer.

If the enemy is aware that you are a soldier, they will always attempt to bring you down, regardless of whether you are actively engaged in battle or not. As a member of the Lord’s army, you become a target for the enemy and he will employ any available means to attack you, including physical methods.

This may involve encountering individuals who are agents of the devil sent to oppose you, using various traps and deceptive tactics in an attempt to bring you down.

It is important to exercise extreme caution and remain vigilant in your work to ensure that you are carrying out your duties in accordance with the teachings of the Lord.

Stay alert in your spirit, as God may warn you of potential attacks against you. In such cases, make every effort to avoid them.

Similarly, if God instructs you not to visit a specific place or warns you through a dream about a certain action or lifestyle, it is wise to heed to those warnings and steer clear of that path. As a soldier, it is your duty to obey the commands given to you.

Detailed instructions from God

The third indication that you are called to spiritual warfare is when God gives you extremely detailed instructions. These instructions may include fasting for three days and praying in tongues for three hours daily.

It is crucial to follow these specific instructions precisely as God demands. By adhering to these clear directives, one can recognize their role in the army of the Lord.

In this army, one does not have the freedom to choose their actions; rather, it is the Lord who dictates. As a soldier, one must simply obey the instructions given, which are typically very precise.

That is the reason why you will often discover that God provides very specific instructions on how to pray and what to pray for. This same principle applies to those who are called to intercede, especially in times of spiritual warfare.

If you frequently receive prompts from the Holy Spirit to pray, it indicates that you are part of the army of the Lord. When it comes to praying in tongues, it is important to consider the best practices.

Being prepared is crucial in this calling, as the duty may require your attention at any moment.

Physical aggression

When you are called into the army of the Lord, your aggression will not only manifest in the spirit but also in the physical.

This may lead to situations where you find yourself being overly aggressive with other believers. Some may find this off-putting, especially if they are not as disciplined or serious in their prayer life as you are.

As a result, you may face some backlash or poor reception from those you fellowship with. This is simply a side effect of being deeply committed to spiritual warfare.

Be mindful of the fact that engaging in spiritual warfare may lead to conflict with others. Therefore, always remain calm and patient when interacting with people who may not share the same calling as you.

If you find it challenging to deal with such individuals, it is advisable to seek guidance through prayer. Additionally, surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can help you navigate through these challenges. Blessings!

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