Signs that the Tongues you are Speaking are Pleasing to God

Speaking in tongues can sometimes feel like uttering empty words into the air. But just as the Bible tells us in the book of Isaiah 55 that the word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord does not return to Him empty but accomplishes all he desires so is the case when we speak in tongues. Not a single word we utter in tongues ever goes to waste.

Being human, it is hard sometimes to believe that the tongues we are speaking are actually effective. Good for us, God has provided signs to encourage us. These signs help us know that the tongues we are speaking are pleasing to Him.

Signs the Tongues you are Speaking are Pleasing to God

1. An Overwhelming sense of Peace

When you experience great peace while speaking in tongues, that is the first and most obvious sign that the tongues you are speaking are pleasing to God.

The Bible tells us in Philippians 4 that we should not be anxious about anything but that we should cast our anxieties to Him and the peace that surpasses all understanding shall come upon us.

When we speak in tongues, the Holy Spirit automatically casts our anxieties to the Lord. In return, we experience great peace that surpasses human understanding.

Regardless of what we pray for in tongues, we are guaranteed peace at the end of every session.

If you ever struggle to pray in tongues or believe that the tongues you are speaking are effective, check if you experience peace after speaking in tongues. If you do, then the tongues you speak are effective.

In the early stages of speaking in tongues, you will experience little change which may make you feel as if you are not speaking effective tongues. But if you persist in speaking in tongues, the peace you experience will be greater and the change will be easily noticeable.

Actually, speaking in tongues is the easiest way to calm yourself down from all manner of anxieties.

2. Weakness in your Arms and Knees

When you speak in tongues effectively, you will often experience weakness in your arms and knees. Sometimes the weakness can be so severe that you can’t even stand.

This usually happens because when you pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit purifies you and the pure state allows you to get closer to God. The closer you get to God, the weaker your body becomes.

In the Bible, we are told of the story of John who wrote the book of Revelations that when He saw the glorified Jesus, he fell before Him as if he was dead.

The presence of God drains all human strength and that is why you always feel weak in His presence. Speaking in tongues accelerates the weakness because it draws us to God’s presence.

Because of this, I often speak in tongues while seated. Eating energy giving food also helps. When fasting, this effect is even stronger.

3. Trembling

For some people, they can’t speak in tongues without shaking. It may be their arms only or sometimes it is the entire body.

The trembling happens when the power of God is made manifest in us. In Physics, we were taught that power causes vibrations. The same is true in the spirit.

When you speak in tongues, God releases power in you and the power causes your body to shake. The shaking can be scary if you are not used to it but it is sweet when you are used to it.

The deeper you soak in tongues the harder the body shaking you will experience. However, as you grow in the spirit, it will take more power for you to experience body shaking.

In short, when you speak in tongues, God equips you with power to the level you can handle. As you grow in the spirit and become stronger, God deposits more power in you when you speak in tongues.

4. Crying

It is common to cry when speaking in tongues. Crying is a sign that the tongues you are speaking are effective.

The crying happens as a result of deep emotions. Those deep emotions only come when you soak deep in tongues.

God often withholds deep emotions from us because we are unable to handle them. But when you speak in tongues, you get closer to God and He allows you to have a taste of His emotions.

There have been times I couldn’t stop crying while praying in tongues because of the surge of emotions I was experiencing. This also happens during worship.

When you experience strong love emotions, you will cry. The emotions range from love to grief. Sometimes you grieve so much in the spirit while praying in tongues that you can’t stop crying.

If God wants you to understand His grief, He will often let you experience it when you pray in tongues.

Therefore, when you cry, remember that it is a sign that you are speaking effective tongues.

5. Fluent Tongues

When you start speaking in tongues, it may feel as if you are forcing yourself. But as you persist, the tongues start being fluent and effortless.

Those fluent and effortless tongues are a sign that you are speaking effective tongues.

Usually, when we start speaking in tongues, we experience resistance from our flesh. But as we persist, we wear down the resistance of the flesh and tune into the fluency of the spirit.

Over time, it becomes easier to speak in fluent tongues. The fluency becomes so advanced that sometimes you start speaking in tongues subconsciously.

Speaking in Tongues Signs take Time to Show

These speaking in tongues signs manifest after you have invested a considerable amount of time in speaking in tongues.

In the early days of speaking in tongues, you will have to put up with little or no feedback. But as you grow, the tongues you speak will come with numerous signs which will make it easier to speak in tongues more.

Therefore, strive to grow to the highest level of speaking in tongues. God has given us the Holy Spirit who is able and willing to teach us how to attain the highest level of praying in tongues.

Allow Him to guide you as you pray and give Him sufficient time to work in you.

Until next time…Peace!

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  1. While Speaking in tongues i find myself crying and feeling unholy and out of power so find myself kneeling and crying out so loud .I always love it to see that the Holy Spirit feels me.


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