How to Pray against Bad Dreams

God uses dreams to speak to us. The evil one knows it and he does his best to bring us bad dreams. But glory be to God because there is a way to pray against bad dreams and end them once and for all.

If you have prayed many times against bad dreams but they still occur, don’t worry; I’ll explain to you what you need to do.

Causes of Bad Dreams

Before I tell you how to pray against bad dreams, it is important to understand where bad dreams come from. Avoiding triggers of bad dreams is as powerful as praying against bad dreams.

Before the devil brings you bad dreams, he starts by deceiving you to trigger them. If you can avoid the triggers, you will avoid the bad dreams.

First Trigger of Bad Dreams

The first trigger of bad dreams is watching ungodly content. The Bible tells us in Matthew 6:22 that eyes are the lamp of the body.

Jesus then exclaimed about the greatness of the darkness in the body if the eyes are bad. In Matthew 18:9 Jesus tells us that if our eye causes us to sin it is better to gouge it out and throw it away because it is better to enter eternal life with one eye than to go to hell with both eyes.

What we see matters a lot in the spiritual realm. Since our dreams are products of our spiritual lives, watching ungodly content greatly increases the possibility of bad dreams.

The devil knows it and that is why he entices us to watch ungodly content so that it can open a door for him to plague us with bad dreams.

If you watch horror movies, secular music, adult films and other filthy content, stop it. If you don’t stop, bad dreams won’t stop.

Second Trigger of Bad Dreams

The second trigger of bad dreams is sin. If you live a sinful life, you open spiritual doors for the devil to come in and plague you with bad dreams.

Sin drives God away from our lives. When God withdraws from us, the devil has free reign. The devil deceives people to sin so that he may access them.

Living a sinful life makes it super easy for the devil to attack you in your dreams.

Why the devil brings Bad Dreams

Jesus told us in John 10:10 that the thief does not come except to steal, kill and destroy. When the devil sends bad dreams, he has an agenda to steal, kill and destroy.

Bad dreams set the wicked plan of the enemy in motion. The devil sends dreams of death to scare people. Through such dreams, unsuspecting people start worrying that they are about to die and with that worry, their faith is drained.

With no faith left, the devil comes to carry out his death plan.

Apart from draining the faith of people through bad dreams, the devil also uses bad dreams to make covenants with people.

Covenants in dreams usually happen through sexual dreams. Sex is a covenanting act and the devil uses it in dreams to entice unsuspecting people to make covenants with demons.

If you watch adult films, the devil will send you sexual dreams and covenant you to demons. From that point onwards, you will be a slave to the demons and they will manipulate you to do anything.

This is why it is important as a believer to pray against bad dreams.

How to Pray against Bad Dreams

1. Repent for giving the devil a foothold

Unknown to some believers, having bad dreams is a failure on your part. God commands us in Ephesians 4:27 against giving the devil an opportunity in our lives. If you give the devil an opportunity, you have disobeyed God’s word and it requires you to repent.

It may be surprising that God gets angry at you for having bad dreams but that is what happens. Because of this, anytime you have a bad dream, start by repenting for giving the devil an opportunity to bring you bad dreams.

2. Break every Evil Covenant made in the Dream

Bad dreams always come with strings attached. If you don’t undo the covenant the devil makes with you in the dream, your prayer against the bad dreams will be ineffective.

To undo the covenants in the dream, plead the blood of Jesus. God gave us the covenant of the blood of Jesus to break every other covenant that we had with the devil.

To this day, the blood of Jesus is the only covenant we use to break satanic covenants.

Covenants are made through binding words spoken on an altar with witnesses and a sacrifice. Because the sacrifice of Jesus is the greatest, it is powerful enough to break all other covenants.

3. Confess your Freedom in Christ

After praying to break evil covenants made in dreams, you have to confess your freedom in Christ to uphold your faith.

As I mentioned before, the devil uses bad dreams to drain our faith before he comes to do whatever evil he wants. This is why in your prayer against bad dreams you have to include a prayer to build your faith.

This prayer should repair every dent on your faith that the devil has caused through the bad dream.

You can recite scriptures like John 8:36 that says whoever the son sets free will be free indeed or you 2nd Corinthians 5:21 that says we are the righteousness of God through Christ.

4. Thank God for setting you free

The last step in praying against bad dreams is to thank God for setting you free from the clutches of the devil. Thanksgiving is a powerful act that we are required to have as believers.

Thanking God for breaking the cycle of bad dreams will make God seal the deal for you. Remember the ten lepers that Jesus healed but only one came back; be that one leper.

Sample Prayer against Bad Dreams

Heavenly Father, I have sinned against you by giving the devil a foothold in my life. Forgive me! By the power in the blood of Jesus I pray that you set me free from every evil covenant I have made in my dreams. Have mercy and help me Oh Lord! Thank you Jesus for shedding your blood on the cross. I am free in your name and my faith shall not fail because you are my good shepherd. Thank you for setting me free and help me walk uprightly before you. Amen!

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