How to Pray for the Nation

Having a desire to pray for the nation is good. It shows that you are not selfish with your prayers. This is exactly what Jesus called us to do; to pray for one another.

To make effective prayers for the nation, you need to understand a few things. The prayers we make to God are a puzzle. If you fit all the pieces together, you will receive your reward.

Understand the Nation before you pray for it

To pray for the nation without understanding is to throw empty punches in the air; it only exhausts you. If you ever feel unmotivated to pray for the nation, it is because you misunderstand the nation.

The Bible mentions the nation of Israel many times. The nation of Israel refers to the descendants of Jacob whose name God changed to Israel.

God identifies Himself as the Holy One of Israel. He is the God of Jacob or in other words the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

A nation is made up of the descendants of a person. A country is a geographical location under a certain government.

With this being the case, it means that a nation can exist in different countries. The nation of Israel has been scattered a number of times. Some tribes went to exile while others remained in their homeland.

When you want to pray for the nation, don’t confuse it with a country. God has called us to pray for nations which are actual people. As I have always said, prayers are meant for people.

The Nation God has called us to pray for

God has called us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem in Psalms 122:6. Jerusalem is the capital city of the nation of Israel.

The Bible tells us of Melchizedek who was the King of Salem in the book of Genesis. Salem means peace. This makes Jerusalem the city of peace.

The Jerusalem spoken about here is the capital city of the nation of Israel. The physical Jerusalem that we see on our maps is only a shadow of the real Jerusalem that the Bible speaks about.

The country of Israel that we know is only a shadow of the nation of Israel that the Bible mentions.

In the Old Testament, the nation of Israel was strictly the twelve tribes of Jacob. All other people were heathen nations.

But after Jesus came, He opened the door for gentiles to be adopted into the nation of Israel. That is how we all become the children of Abraham after we give our lives to Jesus.

Since salvation belongs to Israel, the only way to get it is by accepting Jesus and being adopted into the family of Abraham.

Everyone who believes in Jesus is a child of Abraham and automatically an Israelite. Therefore, regardless of the country you live in, you belong to the nation of Israel.

If you want to pray for the nation, your nation is Israel. This is why we pray for Israel.

How to Pray for the Nation of Israel

Now that you know you are a descendant of Israel through your faith in Jesus, you need to know how to pray for your nation.

Pray for Peace for the nation of Israel

Israel is the nation of God. Jerusalem is the city of the Great King. All other nations hate Israel. In the New Testament, Jesus said that we will be hated by all nations for His name’s sake.

When you believe in Jesus, you become part of the nation of Israel and as a result you receive hatred from other nations.

In the Old Testament, the Canaanite nations hated Israel. In the New Testament, the nations of the world hate the body of Christ.

Because of the hatred, many attacks are launched against the nation of Israel. This is why God calls us to pray for the peace of Israel.

When we pray for peace in Israel, God releases angels to fight against the evil powers that attack Israel. As a result, we will enjoy peace as the nation of Israel.

Pray for love in the nation

Jesus left us with the command to love one another just as He had loved us. As the nation of Israel, we thrive because of the love we have for one another.

Therefore, when you pray for Israel, pray that there may abound love for one another. God loved Israel and hated Esau. Since the foundation of Israel is love, we need to pray that it prevails.

Jesus told us in Matthew 24 that in the last days wickedness will increase and the love of many will grow cold. As the nation of Israel, we need to pray that our love will not grow cold when wickedness increases.

It is possible to live a righteous life in a country that is full of wickedness.

Pray for Faith in the Nation

We are Israel through faith. If we lose faith, we stop being Israel. Since all other nations will be destroyed and only Israel will be saved, it requires us to constantly pray that Israel may not lose faith.

The Bible tells us that it is impossible to please God without faith. This calls us to uphold our faith as we await the final redemption of the nation of Israel.

Sample Prayer for the Nation

Thank you heavenly Father for you have loved us and chosen us among the nations of the world. I pray Lord that your peace may dwell among us. May we know you and dwell with you all our appointed days. May the Love of Christ never cease among us. Cause us to love our neighbors as ourselves. I also pray Father that you help us uphold our faith as we wait for your redemption. May your redemption come soon! You are our refuge and our hope. Remember your people Holy One of Israel. To your name be all the glory, the honor, the power forever and ever more. Amen!

How to Pray for the Nation: Conclusion

Apply this understanding when praying for the nation. If you find it hard to believe that this is how you are supposed to pray for the nation, pray that God will cause your understanding to grow.

We are children of faith and God is our Father. He has made us into His nation and we are one despite being scattered all over the earth.

Until next time…Peace!

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