How to defeat the devil with Tongues

People often ask me how they can use speaking in tongues to defeat the devil, but I always emphasize that it is Jesus Christ who defeats the evil one. Speaking in tongues is a way to communicate with Jesus and build a relationship with Him, allowing Him to defeat the devil on our behalf. This is why the gift of speaking in tongues poses as an advantage in spiritual warfare.

Our focus should be on strengthening our relationship with Jesus. By aligning ourselves with Christ, we are on the winning side and do not need to fight the devil on our own.

Picture this; Jesus is standing on one side, the devil on the other, with you in between. As a believer with the ability to communicate with Jesus through a unique language, you are able to experience a powerful connection with Jesus.

By nurturing this relationship, you will naturally gravitate towards Jesus and triumph over the enemy.

Getting close to Jesus

There are believers who experience spiritual attacks and their resolve is to pray in order to overcome the attacks. My simple advice is to draw nearer to Jesus.

If you are facing spiritual attacks, it indicates that you may be on the wrong path, where Jesus cannot provide protection because of sin.

Essentially, if you are encountering spiritual attacks, it implies that there is some sin present in your life, preventing you from establishing a close relationship with Jesus. For this reason, the devil gains access to attack you.

Praying in tongues

When praying in tongues, the Holy Spirit’s role is to purify you. According to the Bible, speaking in tongues not only edifies oneself but also involves God purifying and cleansing a believer.

Once you are purified, you can draw nearer to God and Jesus. The closer you are to Christ, the more difficult it becomes for the devil to approach you.

Therefore, simply praying in tongues will naturally bring you closer to God, and by drawing closer to God, you will automatically overcome the evil one.

Focus on Christ

I have observed many people struggling with an excessive focus on the devil rather than Jesus. It is also important to note that that the Bible mentions Jesus more frequently than the devil.

Instead of dedicating a lot of time to fighting the devil, I encourage believers to concentrate on Christ; focus on the immense love that Christ has for us while reflecting on the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.

Minimizing thoughts about engaging in spiritual warfare against the devil and fully focusing on Christ is a sure way of attaining victory.

If one directs their attention more towards the devil in an attempt to fight against him, they may find themselves unable to truly combat the devil unless they draw near to him. By focusing solely on fighting against the devil, one may unintentionally move closer to him.

This is a common occurrence, which explains why individuals who constantly pray against the devil and spiritual attacks often face spiritual warfare.

It is impossible to effectively battle an enemy from a distance, and the more one engages in the fight, the closer they become to the adversary.

The devil is aware of this dynamic, and at times, he may provoke individuals to fight against him, knowing that it will draw them nearer to him.

Consequently, individuals can become trapped in a cycle of continuous battle, losing sight of Christ, who is their ultimate Savior.


Speaking in tongues is a divine gift that empowers us to conquer the forces of darkness completely.

By exercising the gift of praying in tongues, you can cultivate a deep relationship with Jesus, allowing His presence to dispel every work of the evil one.

As a result, you will experience a life filled with peace and fruitfulness.

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