Teleporting while Praying in Tongues

Back in 2020, I received a revelation that significantly impacted me. At that time, I was deeply immersed in prayer, spending hours each day in communion with God.

I was seeking the face of God concerning my life in order to overcome the emptiness I was feeling inside. During those prayer sessions, I was fully focused on God and that is when the Lord taught me a few things.

Spiritual lightness

The first revelation I received was that the more one prays, the lighter they become spiritually.

The sins and defilements we accumulate weigh us down in the spiritual realm, acting as burdens that make our spirits heavy. This heaviness can manifest physically, leaving us feeling weighed down without a clear reason.

However, through prayer, these burdens are lifted, allowing us to experience a sense of spiritual lightness.

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

As explained in the scripture, praying allows you to transfer the burden of your worries and concerns to God. When you pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit begins by offloading any weight you are carrying.

The Holy Spirit understands that if you are weighed down, your ability to engage in spiritual matters is limited.

Whenever you begin to pray, the Holy Spirit prepares you for any spiritual journey or task by first addressing your own needs. This includes removing any burdens or weights that are hindering you.

As a result, you will gradually feel a sense of lightness as these weights are lifted, enabling you to engage deeper in the spiritual realm.

Spiritual teleportation

The Lord also revealed to me that once all your burdens are lifted, your spirit becomes so weightless that it can lift your entire body, allowing you to teleport, where you disappear at one place and appear at another.

This state is similar to astral projection in the occult which involves the spirit leaving the body to engage in spiritual activities. However, as believers we are guided by the Holy Spirit and we operate in the spiritual realm differently from those led by evil spirits.

In the spiritual realm, if your spirit is light enough, you have the ability to move effortlessly. Often, this lightness leads to vivid dreams where you find yourself flying or feeling weightless.

I have experienced these extraordinary dreams where if I jump up, I soar to incredible heights, surpassing trees and buildings with ease. In fact, this particular revelation came to me while I was experiencing one of those dreams.

It became clear that the lighter you are, the more flexible your movements in the spiritual realm become.

Additionally, if your physical body is pure and undefiled it becomes light, enabling you to teleport at will. Your body can accompany your spirit as you journey through the spiritual realm.

High-level purity

The concept of teleportation really fascinated me. I realized that achieving such an experience requires immense dedication that is more than just prayer. It also requires a high level of purity.

You will be greatly surprised to discover that at such elevated levels, even the most minor transgressions are considered defiling enough to potentially cause you to miss out on your experience.

Typically, when discussing sins that defile us, people tend to focus on lies, immorality, and other basic sins outlined in the Ten Commandments.

However, with the arrival of Christ, the law became magnified that even harboring negative thoughts towards your neighbor is considered equal to committing murder. Jesus also warned that speaking ill of others could lead to the fires of hell.

As you delve deeper into these teachings, you come to realize that maintaining purity requires far more dedication and preparation than you probably thought.

Achieving high levels of purity can be quite challenging since there are numerous factors that can potentially defile an individual. It may require isolation from others to minimize interactions.

Even the mere act of hearing someone utter ungodly words can lead to defilement, over which you have no control. This also includes looking at ungodly sights that defile your eyes.

However, it is important to note that these levels of blamelessness are indeed attainable.

Incidentally, in the occult, purity is not a prerequisite for experiencing teleportation and astral projection. Actually, the more defiled one is, the easier it will be for them to experience such manifestations in the dark world.

On the other hand, with God, one must first achieve the necessary level of holiness in order to have these kind of exposure. This is why discussions of such profound experiences are rarely heard among Christians.

The possibilities that come with praying in tongues are endless. If you wish to experience such levels of manifestations, stay dedicated to prayer and the Holy Spirit will make it happen. Blessings!

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