Teacher’s Prayer for Students before Exam

When you are a teacher, it is good to pray for your students before exams. Not only will your prayer help your students pass their exams but it will also grow their faith.

As a teacher, God has not only called you to teach but also to influence the students to believe in Him. At the end of it all, God will reward you for the students you influenced to love Him.

The school will pay you for teaching but God will pay you for building the faith of the students. Having the habit of praying for your students before an exam is good.

Your Authority over Students in Prayer as a Teacher

Before I tell you how to pray for your students before an exam, I’ll help you understand the authority that God has given you.

God is the giver of all authority. No matter how small your position may be, it is God who ordains everyone in authority. As a teacher, God has entrusted you with students; He expects you to help them live lives that are pleasing to Him.

The assignment God has given you comes with privileges.

Privileges of a Teacher in Prayer

1. Right to Ask for Strength when you are tired

Teaching is not easy. You will be discouraged at times. In the course of your teaching, you will encounter all manner of students. Some will listen to you, others won’t.

Watching a student reject your guidance and ruin his life is not fun. You will grieve. You will cry. You will question your teaching skills.

All the emotions you experience will take a toll on you. But because it is God who called you to do teaching, you can always pray to Him and He will give you strength.

Remember the case of Moses in the wilderness; he was frustrated with the Israelites on several occasions but God gave him strength. As a teacher, you need the strength of God.

When you feel tired and you decide to pray for strength, God will listen to you because He is the one who assigned you that work. God will never give an assignment without providing the necessary strength.

2. Right to Receive God’s Provision

We are human beings and we live on bread. Jesus taught us to pray and say ‘give us our daily bread’. In the modern world, money is symbolic of bread. After all we use money to buy bread.

As a teacher, God understands that you need these provisions for you to serve Him faithfully. Without provisions, you will be tempted to do shady things to get your provision.

God in His wisdom will be careful to provide your needs so that you focus on serving the students He has entrusted you with.

When you are running out of provisions, you have the right to ask God to provide for you. In your prayer, remind God that you are human and you need provisions.

Mention that you need provisions for you to serve your students well.

3. Right to Speak in the Life of your Students

As a teacher, God has given you authority to speak over the lives of your students. What you say concerning each student carries a lot of weight in the eyes of God.

God expects you to speak blessings over the lives of the students so that they grow up and live fulfilling lives.

You will encounter students who encourage you to utter blessings but there will be others who will tempt you to utter curses. For those who encourage you to utter blessings, speak blessings over their lives.

For those who tempt you to utter curses, pray that God may have mercy on them. Jesus taught us to love one another the same way He loved us.

If you can’t pray, then leave them alone but don’t curse them.

Praying for your Students Privately

Apart from praying for your students in class, you can pray for them during your private time. Remember those students have been assigned to you by God.

Love them and push yourself to the limit for their sake. God will reward you.

In your private prayer for the students, remember those students who struggle with different issues. Pray for those who have financial struggles, those who are sick, those who are orphaned etc.

In class you can pray for them to pass their exams but in private, pray for other areas of their lives. Praying for your students to pass exams is good but there are other needs that you can pray for your students as well.

As a prayerful teacher, God will cause your students to love you and it will make your teaching work more enjoyable.

God hears all the prayers that we make in private. Make as many prayers for your students as you can.

Sample Teacher’s Prayer for Students before Exam

Heavenly Father, I thank you for giving me this position over these students. In your Holy Name, I pray that you give these students understanding as they sit for their exams. I have taught them and now I entrust them to you that you may remind them what I taught.

Not only do I pray for success in their exams but also for success in their lives. Encourage those who are discouraged, heal those who are sick, shine your light on those who are in darkness. Keep them from the evil one and strengthen their faith.

Make your name known to them that they may excel in their faith as much as they excel in their exams. I trust and believe in you on behalf of these students.


Teacher’s Prayer for Students before Exam: Conclusion

Being a teacher is a calling from God. How you teach and how you treat your students is subject to God’s judgment. You will be required to give an account for all the students God entrusted to you.

If you are faithful in praying for them, teaching them and disciplining them, God will reward you bountifully. Do your work knowing that it is the Lord you are serving.

Until next time…Peace!

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