How to Pray for your Students’ Future

Being a teacher is a calling from God. Apart from teaching, it is also your responsibility to pray for your students’ future.

The future of the students that you teach is entrusted to you by God. When you pray for them, God is pleased. Make it a habit and great shall be your reward.

How to Pray for your Students’ Future

1. Pray for Favor over your Students

You may do all the teaching but unless the favor of God is upon your students, they won’t find success. In the world, people assume that good performance in school is a guarantee of future success but that is not true.

God is the giver of success and He gives it inform of favor. When you pray for your students, pray that the favor of God may rest upon them.

When your students have the favor of God, they will find opportunities they never worked for. They will be called to serve in high offices.

And as they serve in high offices, they will take your name there. Not only will they prosper but God will make sure that you also get the reward you deserve for praying for them.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 22:29 that a man skilled in his work will stand before kings and not obscure men. The training that you give your students will draw the attention of kings but it is the favor of the Lord that will make the king hire them.

2. Pray for Wisdom and Understanding over your Students

When you pray for your students, pray that God may give them wisdom and understanding. The Bible tells us that wisdom is the principal thing.

We are also told that in the right hand of wisdom is long life and in the left hand is great wealth. By praying for wisdom and understanding over your students, you are praying for them to have long lives and great wealth.

Through the wisdom that God gives, we make decisions that bring us wealth and keep us safe so that we are able to live for long.

Don’t you want your students to live long and have great wealth?

God can use your students to bring you wealth and honor. When they prosper because of the prayers you made for them, God will remember you.

When they become kings and rule wisely, God will remember the prayers you made for them and reward you.

3. Pray that your Students may have Faith

God desires that we all have faith in Him. As a teacher, pray that your students may have faith in God. It is useless to teach your students to be professionals yet they don’t know God.

As much as you are a teacher, you still have the duty of winning people to the faith according to the command of the great commission. Every believer is expected to bear fruit by influencing people to come to the faith.

Even if you won’t preach to your students, at least you can pray that they may have faith. Your prayer will go a long way in securing their future in God.

None of us knows the future but when we have faith in God, we are guaranteed a bright future. The best way you can secure the future of your students is by praying that they may have faith in God.

Reasons to Pray for your Students’ Future

1. It brings Fulfillment

Teaching students is not the highest paying job in the world but it is one of the most fulfilling jobs. The fulfillment of the job comes when your students succeed and thank you for teaching them.

God ordained that fulfillment should come from other people appreciating your work so that we are motivated to positively influence the lives of others.

Praying for your students will secure their future and in turn bring you fulfillment. It won’t matter how much money you earn from the job; you will enjoy every bit of your work.

And with fulfillment in your life, you will avoid problems like the mid-life crisis and health conditions related to stress.

2. It is a Channel for God’s Blessings

When God is seeking to bless us, He has to find a reason. Since God is a righteous judge, He rewards us according to what we deserve.

If we have not served God, it is impossible for Him to bless us.

When you pray for the future of the students you teach, you are serving God. It is God who asked us to pray for one another and love one another.

Praying for your students’ future is an act of love that God will be prompted to reward you for. As you pray for your students’ future, God will in turn reward you with a good future of your own.

If you have children, the prayer that you make for the children of other people will also manifest in your own children. You cannot pray for the success of other children and have your own children failing.

3. It is your Ministry

We all serve God in different ways. Being a teacher means building the faith of students is your ministry.

When you pray for them, God acknowledges your work and prepares your reward in heaven. You may be known as a teacher but God knows you as His servant.

The prayers you make for your students will have a bigger impact than what you imagine. Your students will have families raised on God’s principles and you will be credited for the influence you had on them.

Therefore, remember that when you pray for your students’ future, you are praying for many generations.

Sample Prayer for Students’ Future

Heavenly Father, blessed be your Holy name. I thank you for choosing me to lead these students. It is a great honor to serve you. Today, I pray for each of these students that your favor may rest upon their lives.

They may work hard but it is only with your favor that they will have a bright future. Give them wisdom and understanding that they may navigate through life according to your holy principles. May none of them get lost.

Father, I also pray that they may have faith in you just as I have faith in you. May they devote themselves to you without wavering all the days of their lives. You are the good shepherd; I trust you to lead them.

May their generation be one that fears and acknowledges you. With so much love in my heart I pray for them.


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