Prayer for Forgiveness for Sleeping with a Married Man

In this article, I have included a prayer for forgiveness for sleeping with a married man. But before you pray for forgiveness, it is important to understand a few things.

While all sins are disastrous, repenting for them takes a slight difference. When you understand the nature of your sin, it becomes easy to repent for it.

Praying for forgiveness for sinning by sleeping with a married man involves breaking covenants. God has the power to forgive you and break every covenant.

Consequences of Sleeping with a Married Man

Before I tell you how to pray for forgiveness for sleeping with a married man, it is important for you to understand the consequences of the sin. Understanding the consequences of the sin will help you humble yourself when asking for forgiveness.

Sleeping with a married man is a sin not only against God but also against yourself. Sins of immorality are sins against your own body.

Apart from asking God for forgiveness, you also have to forgive yourself.

Spiritually, sleeping with a married man is the equivalent of mocking the relationship between Christ and the church.

Marriage is a shadow of the relationship between Christ and the church. If you sleep with a married man, you tarnish the institution of marriage and mock Christ.

Remember Christ is your savior. Mocking the man who has saved you from sin is a terrible decision.

The sin also forms a covenant between you and the married man. The Bible is very clear that when two people sleep together they form a bond. That bond works against you to prevent you from having a marriage of your own.

After all, if you are already covenanted with someone else, do you expect God to give you your own man?

If you have hopes of having your own man and enjoying marriage, you have to avoid sleeping with married men.

The sin of sleeping with a married man is also a mockery of the wife of the man you sleep with. Jesus asked us to love one another just as He loved us. But when you sleep with a married man, are you showing love to the man’s wife?

Your sin tempts the wife of the man to harbor bitterness in her heart. You basically tempted someone to sin; the same thing that the devil does to us.

How to Pray for Forgiveness for Sleeping with a Married Man

1. Confess your sin to God

The first step in praying for forgiveness for sleeping with a married man is to confess your sin before God. Now that you know the consequences of your sin, it should naturally make you remorseful.

The remorse you experience should be the motivator to confess your sin. You can only confess a sin that you know. Unless you understand that what you have done is a terrible sin, it is impossible to confess it.

Your confession will prompt God to show you mercy. This is what the Bible tells us in Proverbs 28:13: Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.

Forgiveness is a gift from God and we get it when we humble ourselves. Confessing our sin is the act that proves our humility.

2. Ask God for Forgiveness

After you confess your sin, ask God to forgive you for sleeping with a married man. God is full of love and is always willing to forgive us when we humble ourselves.

No matter how terrible you feel within, gather up courage and ask God to forgive you. The devil may try to discourage you but you have to overcome his lies.

God never punishes anyone for going to Him to repent no matter the nature of your sin. Don’t be scared and don’t overthink it. Your work is simple; ask God to have mercy on you.

Remember the thief who was crucified on the cross at the same time with Jesus; He asked Jesus to remember Him and Jesus forgave Him. If a thief nailed on the cross can ask for forgiveness and receive it instantly, do you think your forgiveness will delay when you ask for it?

I’m sure your situation is not as dire as that of the thief on the cross. Therefore, take advantage and ask for forgiveness while you still have time.

3. Break the covenant you made with the married man

I have already explained how sleeping with a married man forms a covenant and the consequences of that covenant. When you ask for forgiveness, God will forgive you.

Asking God to break the covenant you made with the married man is for your own good. Breaking the covenant will free you to get your own man.

To break the covenant, simply ask God to break it by the power in the blood of Jesus. Jesus made a covenant on the cross by offering the perfect sacrifice. As a result, His covenant is more powerful than every other covenant in the universe.

When you ask God to break the covenant, He will disconnect you from the married man and connect you to Christ. Basically, the sinful covenant will be replaced by the pure covenant of Christ.

4. Thank God for Forgiving you

It is always wise to end your prayer of forgiveness by thanking God. As I mentioned before, forgiveness is a gift from God and it is expected of us to be grateful for it.

Also, when you thank God for forgiveness, you won’t struggle with doubts after asking for forgiveness. By thanking God you prove that you have believed and received the forgiveness you were asking for.

Do not die in guilt. The Lord has forgiven many girls who have slept with married men and you too will be forgiven if you humble yourself.

Above all, remember to forgive yourself. You are human and prone to error. We make mistakes but God is always helping us in this journey of perfection.

Sample Prayer for Forgiveness for Sleeping with a Married Man

Heavenly Father, I have sinned against you. I acknowledge that I did wrong when I slept with a married man. I know my sin has grieved you but I pray that you may have mercy on me out of the great love you have for me. Wipe away my sin and purify me in the blood of Jesus. Forgive me Heavenly Father!

I also pray Lord that you may set me free from the sinful covenant I made with the married man. In my foolishness I thought it was sweet but now I have realized that it is sin. By the power in the blood of Jesus, separate me from the man.

Father, I also pray that you may help me walk in purity. I am human and I need you to guide me in your holy ways. By your Holy Spirit, teach me your upright ways. May I live in purity until the day you will give me a husband. I look to you my Lord.

Thank you for your mercy over my life. Thank you for your never ending love for me. Thank you for forgiving me and setting me free. I love you!


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