The Basics of Singing in Tongues

Singing in tongues goes hand in hand with praying in tongues. It is important for every believer who prays in tongues to understand the principles of singing in tongues. This is because many times the Holy Spirit may lead you towards singing in tongues during prayer even though you may not notice it.

The concept of singing in tongues

There is a good reason why the Holy Spirit may choose to lead you to sing in tongues. As human beings, we tend to understand and remember songs easily as compared to mere words. Based on this, the Holy Spirit may prompt you to sing in tongues not only to pass forth a message, but to also ensure the information is well understood and sticks longer than words spoken in tongues.

You might be wondering how to accurately interpret the tongues that God gives you through a song. It is quite simple. First, the tongues that you sing are made up of very few syllables that you repeat over and over again. Repeating these tongues makes it easy for you to receive the interpretation from God.

There are other aspects of singing in tongues. Some believers sing in tongues during spiritual warfare while others sing just to worship God.  Other times, the tongues are a direct message from God.

Receiving the gift of singing in tongues

There are two ways of receiving the gift of singing in tongues. The first one depends on a believer’s level of faith. If you have strong faith, you may wake up one day and start singing in tongues. The singing comes so naturally because your heart is open to the holy spirit.

Many times, this happens to people called into the worship ministry as well as other believers who love to sing because it is easier for the Holy Spirit to get them to sing in tongues.

On the other hand, there are people who do not have a tendency to sing and others who do not have as much faith. For this category of people, the Holy Spirit usually takes them through a process that begins with suggesting certain songs to them as they pray in tongues.

What happens is, the Holy Spirit puts an already existing song in your heart, prompting you to sing the song. Then it gets to a point where the holy spirit now wants to give you your own songs so that you can sing to God in your own unique way.

I have also witnessed a number of people singing the tongues that they were speaking; and just like that, they began their journey to singing in tongues.

Whether you have strong or shaky faith, the Holy Spirit can lead you into singing in tongues. For those who are called into the worship Ministry, singing in tongues becomes more of a requirement; however, the gift has been made available for everyone. All you have to do is just make a prayer to the Holy Spirit to guide you into singing in tongues.

If you are fond of singing in the physical realm and you possess the gift of praying in tongues, you can fuse the two and over time, the Holy Spirit will start to give you heavenly tunes to add to the tongues that you speak.

There are also levels to singing in tongues and varied manifestations such as singing of syllables, humming, chanting, drumming and so forth.

When you have a sincere desire to sing in tongues followed by intention and willingness, the holy spirit will use that faith to make it happen for you. Blessings!

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