The Day I Learned Speaking in Tongues is the best Therapy

Speaking in tongues is something I do almost on a daily basis. I have been doing it for a number of years and there are no signs of stopping.

In the early days, I used to hear preachers talk about the benefits of speaking in tongues. Most of the benefits they talked about were spiritual.

After a while, I got used to such kind of teachings. There seemed to be nothing new. Every day, the same old benefits of speaking in tongues.

Despite getting bored with the regurgitated benefits of speaking in tongues I used to hear, I kept on speaking in tongues. That is when interesting things began to happen.

I was not expecting any new benefits of speaking in tongues apart from the ones I had heard the preachers talk about.

But when I began experiencing life changing benefits that I could not explain, there was no denying that speaking in tongues was the cause.

Today, I will talk about one of the benefits of speaking in tongues I discovered that none of the preachers I had listened to had talked about.

The Struggle of Life Under the Sun

Let’s be honest; life under the sun is tough regardless of your circumstances. I have seen rich people depressed as well as the poor. The wise King Solomon, who lived arguably the most luxurious life, hated life and several times cursed it. The guy was in such comfort that Jesus mentioned it when He said that the lilies of the field do not toil yet even King Solomon was not dressed like one of them.

The fact that Jesus mentioned King Solomon in reference to fine dressing shows that King Solomon was a big deal. But of course we know his life was far from perfect based on the writings in the book of Ecclesiastes.

Such kind of biblical stories prove that no matter what you get under the sun, it is only God who can give you rest. If there was a man who really deserved rest based on his wealth and possessions, it was King Solomon. But He struggled in life pretty much like everyone else.

We also struggle today despite our possessions and achievements. Some have money but their marriages are a nightmare. Others have flourishing marriages but they have terminal diseases. Others are in good health but they are empty inside.

Whatever your state, you have something that bothers you. This is true for everyone because God knows that if a man is not in trouble, he will never bother to seek Him.

God only exempts people from pain and struggle after they prove to Him that they can maintain a relationship with Him even when they have everything life has to offer.

The exempting doesn’t happen overnight; God has to test you over and over before relieving you of pain in a certain area.

This revelation made me conclude that everyone needs therapy on a daily basis. I don’t think there is a person who can say he doesn’t need therapy.

There are so many things that eat us day and night. The constant change in the world is hard to overlook. Before you rest in one position, you have to start learning the next thing because things are changing.

God’s Planned Therapy for His Children

This life is cursed; no doubt about that. No matter what a man does, there will always be pain and suffering for him. But God created an opportunity for His children to find rest amidst the never ending chaos of life under the sun.

Through Jesus Christ, God brought rest to His children living on earth. I’m sure you are familiar with the scripture in Matthew 11:28 where Jesus asks those who labor and are heavily laden to go to Him and find rest.

Jesus repeated the same message in the book of John when He said that in the world there is tribulation but He had overcome it. That means, everyone who goes to Christ is guaranteed to find rest despite living in a world full of tribulation.

This revelation started making sense to me when I persisted in speaking in tongues. You see, speaking in tongues is the tool of therapy that God gave us.

When we speak in tongues, we commune with God and through it we experience peace. It is more like taking a vacation from the pain and struggles of this life. The more time you spend speaking in tongues, the greater the peace you experience.

My Tough Situation

I am like any other person; I experience highs and lows in life. There was a particular season where I was feeling aimless. My relationship with God was doing well, my life was looking good from the human perspective but inwardly I was wasting away.

I felt everything I was doing was pointless. What is the point of all these activities I stress to do daily? Is this how my entire life is going to be? What important thing am I doing for God?

These questions stressed me day and night. I became so wasted to the point that some of my friends told me I looked tired. No matter what I did, I still felt tired.

I knew I was experiencing what is commonly called the quarter life crisis. But knowing I was experiencing it was not helping in solving it.

I used to pray in tongues but I was so discouraged. The tongues were a glimmer of hope but they seemed to be achieving nothing. I was tired of life.

After many weeks passed with no improvement, I decided to go see a therapist. I was skeptical if a therapist would help me but I gave it a shot anyway.

I booked an appointment and the day of the appointment came. I dragged myself to the therapist’s office. She started by giving me several forms to sign. They were agreement forms and others needed me to fill in my details.

Right from the start, I began regretting why I had gone there. I was dying inside and there comes a person with many requirements and demands that I had to comply with.

I felt like storming out of her office but I gathered all the self-control I could and stayed calm. After an eternity of reading disclaimers and signing endless documents, the therapy session began.

When I began describing my issues, the therapist listened but I felt as if I was talking to a wall. Inwardly, I knew what the problem was and I thought a therapist could help me. But the Spirit of God made it clear to me that the problem I was facing, the therapist couldn’t understand it leave alone solve it.

True to what the Spirit of God revealed to me, the therapist thought my problem was no problem at all. To her, it felt like it was just personality issues. I tried hard to describe the emptiness I was feeling but she would not understand.

At some point, she almost lost her cool because I had a problem for every solution she was offering. I knew things were getting out of hand and so I conceded to the truth of what the Holy Spirit had told me.

The therapist talked a bit afterwards and concluded the session. She asked me to do a personality assignment and then get back to her but I knew I was never going to step in that office again.

The Holy Spirit had assured me that nobody could solve the problem I was experiencing. I understood that only God could solve it but I just wanted to prove that actually nobody could solve it; the Thomas syndrome right there.

By the way, the therapist was also a Pastor.

Speaking in Tongues turning out to be the best Therapy

When I walked out of the therapist’s office, I felt relieved that the ordeal was over. I was better off struggling with the internal issues without the baggage of the therapist.

As I walked out of that office, there was only one thing on my mind; speaking in tongues must solve the problem.

I knew only God could solve the problem and the only way I could access Him was through prayer. I thought of fasting but I was too discouraged. I promised myself to be diligent in praying in tongues for a number of days and if things didn’t improve, I’d add fasting to the mix.

Speaking in tongues gave me great peace. I would speak in tongues feel peaceful for a while then start feeling empty again. For a number of days, speaking in tongues became my anti-depressant.

I would speak in tongues anytime I began feeling empty. Every time I spoke in tongues, I ended up feeling peaceful as if I had no problem at all.

This continued for a number of days until one evening when I decided to pray for a friend of mine. I was going to pray then she came to mind.

As I was praying for her, a suggestion came to mind; why can’t you do that for many others? I knew I was good at praying especially praying in tongues. I had been consulted many times about tongues and nothing seemed hard for me to solve.

That is when I decided to start a YouTube channel and a blog to teach about speaking in tongues. The emptiness I was feeling vanished and it has never returned. I was full of Joy and very grateful that God had lifted the heavy yoke off my shoulders.

Encouragement for You

This incident was not the first time I used speaking in tongues to solve my problems. I had previous problems that I solved by soaking myself in tongues.

I was praying in tongues primarily to escape reality of the pain I was going through but I didn’t know that the Holy Spirit was interceding for me to find a solution.

Regardless of the pain and challenge you are going through, double down on speaking in tongues. There are problems that therapists may help but there are limits to what therapists can do.

You will come across problems that nobody can understand leave alone help you; problems that others don’t see as problems. I had good performance in campus and I had skills to earn me a decent living but I wanted to serve God and people thought money was the problem. I kept telling them money is not the problem but then they would accuse me of being crazy.

In such circumstances, stop explaining yourself to people and soak in tongues. God will give you rest. The problem may not be solved immediately but at least God will give you peace while He works out a perfect solution for you.

The Lord really loves us and if we remain faithful to Him, He gives us rest that the world doesn’t even know exists.

Trust God and never stop speaking in tongues. Make speaking in tongues your drug; day and night pray in tongues and you will see the wonders of God. He did it for me; He can do it for anyone.


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