The Perfect Solution to a Wandering Mind when Praying in Tongues

I receive quite a number of inquiries regarding maintaining focus during praying in tongues. This issue of wandering of the mind is very common among believers and many seek to find a solution to mental distractions.

The Bible states that when we pray in tongues, our minds are at rest.

For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my mind is unfruitful.

1 Corinthians 14:14-15

This teaching by Apostle Paul, indicates his awareness of the challenge of wandering thoughts during praying in tongues. It is crucial to understand that the mind remains inactive during praying in tongues, as it is not actively participating in this form of prayer.

Naturally, the process of transferring thoughts from the spiritual realm to our physical body typically involves the spirit conveying the thoughts to the soul, which is our mind, before they are expressed through speech or action.

However, when praying in tongues, this routine is bypassed as the Holy Spirit directly connects spiritual insights from the spirit to the body, without involving the soul.

When this happens, the mind is rendered idle, yet its purpose is to engage in thinking. As a result, thoughts begin to randomly enter the mind to fill the void.

When you understand this concept, you come to realize that attempting to keep your mind idle is a futile endeavor. Even if I were to instruct you to engage in an exercise to keep your mind idle at this very moment, you would soon realize that it is impossible.

The very mind you wish to keep idle is the one that must contemplate the act of idleness, thus preventing it from truly becoming idle. Therefore, any attempt to keep your mind idle while praying in tongues is simply a waste of time.

Some individuals suggest meditating on scripture, listening to worship music, or engaging in activities that align with godly principles during praying in tongues. This may help you occupy your mind with something positive while you pray.

if you notice that praying in tongues is causing your mind to wander, my number one recommendation is to incorporate praying in understanding. By mixing both praying in tongues and in understanding, you can keep your mind engaged.

In addition to this, there is one more perfect solution to maintaining focus when praying in tongues. It involves allowing God to infuse His thoughts into your mind while you pray in tongues.

Essentially, as you pray in tongues, your mind should be open to perceiving visions, receiving revelations, and understanding the profound realms that God is revealing.

However, achieving this level of connection requires dedicating time and effort to praying in tongues. Over time, your mind will become filled with God’s thoughts as He imparts in you His desires during prayer.

This particular method is truly the perfect way to overcome distractions while speaking in tongues. Blessings!

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