The Place of Emotions in Praying in Tongues

There are believers who often argue that praying in tongues is not connected to emotions. However, I have always questioned this belief. According to my understanding, we are just like our Heavenly Father who made us in His image and likeness.

The Bible even mentions instances when God expressed anger towards the Israelites, indicating that He does indeed experience emotions. Similarly, as humans, we also experience anger at times.

Emotions during prayer

Through my personal encounters of praying in tongues and communing with God, I have observed that I experience various emotions at different times.

During my prayer sessions in tongues, I noticed there are instances when I would experience intense anger. Similarly, there are times when I would feel an overwhelming sense of joy.

There are also moments when I would pray in tongues and feel like giving up, but there are also times when I would feel greatly encouraged to persist in prayer. All of these experiences involve emotions.

Through these encounters, I have realized that praying in tongues is connected to our emotions. Just as you cannot separate your emotions from your life, you cannot separate your emotions from praying in tongues.

Our emotions are an important part of life, and therefore, our emotions are heavily involved when communing with God.  This is why I always encourage believers to be mindful of their emotions when engaging in praying in tongues, as emotions are also a means through which God communicates to us.

If God reveals to you that you are engaging in a spiritual battle, He may communicate this to you through various means. He could speak to you directly, guiding you to understand that you are indeed in the midst of a spiritual warfare.

Additionally, God may also stir up emotions of anger within you, signaling that you are upset with the enemy you are fighting against.

Emotions can serve as indicators of the spiritual battles we are facing. Just as you get annoyed in the physical realm when you encounter rude or arrogant people, the same thing happens when you encounter nuances influenced by evil spirits in the spiritual realm.

Encountering God

It is important to understand that emotions play a crucial role in experiencing God fully. When you engage in praying in tongues, you are naturally drawing closer to God, communing with Him, and receiving His goodness.

As humans we are wired to enjoy positive emotions and feelings. This communion with God must be felt in order to be truly appreciated.

God, who created us, understands this aspect of our nature and delights in showering us with His love and goodness when we pray in tongues.

This results in a sense of joy that makes us feel fulfilled and happy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with praying in tongues just to experience these warm feelings. Personally, I turn to praying in tongues to boost my mood whenever I feel discouraged.

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that prayer actually works much better than anything else. As human beings, we all have a desire to feel good and experience joy.

Some people turn to drugs or engage in sinful activities in an attempt to feel good or get high; But the truth is, God created us with a desire for goodness and He is the only one who can truly give us that feeling of joy and sweetness.

That is why praying in tongues is essential. When you pray in tongues, God naturally fulfills your need to feel good.

If there are things bothering you or causing distress in your heart, you can simply pray in tongues and ask God to make you feel peaceful. This is also why every other experience you have with God will leave you feeling good and filled with joy.

It is important to treasure and pay attention to the emotions you experience when praying in tongues. These emotions will guide you towards fulfilling the will of God and experiencing Him fully. Blessings!

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