The Secret that Makes Praying in Tongues for 1 Hour Easy

If you struggle to pray in tongues for an hour, I will be sharing a technique that will make it easier for you to pray in tongues effortlessly for an hour. I discovered this method during my early days of praying in tongues, and it has since become a crucial aspect of my prayer routine.

The wonderful thing about this technique is that it is accessible to anyone, regardless of whether you have been speaking in tongues for a decade or just recently received the gift of speaking in tongues.

Back in the day, I had the privilege of leading prayers in school and using this secret formula, we would pray in tongues for over an hour. Surprisingly, even individuals who were new to praying in tongues were able to join in and make it through the hour. Sounds too good to be true, right?

What’s more interesting is that I once led a night vigil using this formula, and we fervently prayed in tongues for four hours. The outcome of that night was truly remarkable, with numerous testimonies about the power of God.

I have never explicitly shared this formula with anyone; although I would occasionally drop hints about it whenever my friends from the fellowship would ask about the secret behind my ability to pray in tongues for such prolonged periods. So, what’s the secret?

The back story

The secret began back in the days when we engaged in prayer with understanding. At this time, I was involved in a fellowship where we prayed together, although none of us spoke in tongues.

Our method involved reading scriptures to derive prayer points, which we would then use during our prayer sessions. The duration of our prayers used to range from 30 minutes to 1 hour every day of the week.

The agenda for each prayer session was determined using scriptures, with the person leading that day tasked with coming up with the agenda for the prayers. For instance, if the focus was on healing, the assigned leader would find relevant scriptures and guide us in praying for healing for the sick.

To understand the secret formula to praying in tongues for an hour, it is important to recognize the changes that occurred when I transitioned from praying with understanding to receiving the gift of praying in tongues.

There were three main changes that took place. First, there were no longer any prayer points. Initially, we used prayer points to guide our prayers with understanding. However, once we received the gift of praying in tongues, we no longer needed these prayer points.

Secondly, when we prayed in understanding, we followed a specific agenda where we would assign different intentions to each prayer session. For instance, we would set aside a day for interceding in spiritual warfare, and another day for praying for the sick.

However, once we switched to praying in tongues, we began to pray without any predetermined agenda.

The third thing that changed from the time we used to pray in understanding to the time we started praying in tongues was that we stopped having warm up sessions. Previously, we would sing worship songs to prepare ourselves before praying, but once we began praying in tongues, we no longer engaged in those worship sessions.

The secret formula

Now that we are done with the back story, here is how I discovered the secret formula. I thought to myself, if I could pray with understanding for an hour, why should it be difficult for me to pray in tongues for the same duration?

This question prompted me to reflect on my past experiences of praying with understanding for an hour. My goal was to seamlessly transition into praying in tongues for an hour by adopting effective strategies from my previous prayer sessions.

Upon doing a thorough analysis, I realized that my prayers with understanding were supported by additional elements, whereas my prayers in tongues lacked this supplementation. Allow me to explain.

Praying continuously for an hour can be challenging, whether you are praying in understanding or in tongues. In the past, we used to supplement our prayers with worship sessions and reading scriptures to help us focus and pray effectively.

When we started praying in tongues, we skipped these preparatory steps, making it harder to sustain our prayers for a full hour. Even experienced believers like myself, found it challenging to maintain a continuous session of praying in tongues without breaks or guidance.

Supplementing prayers

After this realization, my next course of action was to implement the effective practices that had worked for me when I prayed with understanding. This marked the beginning of my journey towards praying in tongues for an hour effortlessly.

I began by using scriptures to guide my prayer points, even though I was praying in tongues. Here’s what I would do. I would read a scripture, for instance Psalms 23:1 which states, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

After declaring this scripture, I would then proceed to pray in tongues for the next five minutes, focusing on the message of that particular scripture.

To achieve my goal of praying in tongues for one hour, I would need a minimum of twelve scriptures. This way, I could declare each scripture and spend five minutes praying in tongues in relation to that specific scripture. By following this method, I would successfully complete an hour of praying in tongues.


If you find it challenging to pray in tongues for an hour, try incorporating scriptures, worship songs, and prayer points into your prayer sessions. By supplementing your prayers this way, you will find it easier to pray in tongues for longer periods of time.

As you continue to practice, you will notice that it becomes increasingly effortless to pray in tongues for an entire hour without the need for breaks.  Blessings!

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