The Scary Times when Praying in Tongues Casts Evil Spirits out of You

There are very many frightening things that can take place when you are praying in tongues. One of the most terrifying is when the Holy Spirit drives an evil spirit out of you.

This particular situation often catches many believers off guard, as they are often unaware of the presence of evil spirits within them.

In this article, I will shed light on what happens when the Holy Spirit casts an evil spirit out of you, how you should respond, and why you should anticipate it.

The first thing you need to understand is how the Holy Spirit dwells within you. When believers receive the Holy Spirit, the common assumption is that they are now filled with the Holy Spirit and are free from any evil spirits.

The reality however is, there are many individuals who have received the Holy Spirit but still harbor evil spirits within them. You may wonder how this is possible, but the explanation is quite simple.

The Bible teaches us that our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Just as in physical houses, it is possible for people to live together despite their disagreements. They may fight, but they all have a right to dwell inside the house.

As believers, we are responsible for being the gatekeepers of our bodies. We have the authority to determine which spirit resides within us.

Naturally, we each have our own spirit that resides within our bodies; then, there is the Holy Spirit and the evil spirits.

If we engage in actions that invite evil spirits, they will have the opportunity to dwell within us. Immoral acts, for instance, open the door for evil spirits to enter. By defiling ourselves, we provide them with the right to live in us, as the environment becomes suitable for their habitation.

On the other hand, if we read the word of God, worship Him, and pray, including praying in tongues, we are inviting the Holy Spirit to dwell within us.

In the case of the existence of both the Holy Spirit and evil spirits within us, a battle between these spirits is likely to ensue.

Normally, there is usually peace within you because each spirit avoids getting into the territory of the other. Basically, you have the Holy Spirit residing within you alongside other evil spirits, but you have not yet granted the Holy Spirit the authority to expel the evil spirits.

Inversely, evil spirits cannot force out the Holy Spirit from within you. The spirits are all trying to get your attention so that you can give them permission to drive out the opposing spirit.

In such instances, the Holy Spirit will guide you towards living a pure and holy life, as doing so will empower Him to expel the evil spirits attempting to defile you.

At the same time the evil spirits know that if you live a sinful life, the environment will be too defiled for the Holy Spirit to stay.

This is why, when you begin praying in tongues fervently and investing a lot of time in prayer, you are likely to spark a battle between these two spirits.

As you continue to pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit will be granted permission and authority within you. He will possess greater power resulting in expulsion of any evil spirits. The purpose of this is to purify your body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

While some evil spirits may reside within you without causing much disturbance, there are others that have a strong grip on you, making it more challenging to drive them out. In such cases, the Holy Spirit will exert additional pressure to drive them out.

During the exorcism moment, you may find yourself out of consciousness. The same way surgeons induce a coma to prevent patients from experiencing pain and distress in the operating room, the Holy Spirit often puts individuals in an unconscious state before engaging in battles against evil spirits.

This also allows the Holy Spirit enough time to drive out the spirits. This explains why some people may fall down and lose consciousness during intense prayer.

You may also lose your consciousness if the Holy Spirit is driving out very strong evil spirits within you. This is because the Holy Spirit applies aggressive power that your body may not be able to handle it unless most of your physical functions are dormant.

It is common to experience a sense of detachment from your own body, observing yourself as you pray in tongues. During this process, there may be a spiritual battle between the Holy Spirit and the evil forces, leading you to fervently pray in tongues.

As the evil spirits manifest, they may resist the work of the Holy Spirit, prompting you to protest either against their actions or even against the prayers you are offering.

It can be quite confusing for individuals to witness the manifestation of two distinct spiritual entities within themselves. This occurrence often leaves you very scared. What is happening at this point is that the Holy Spirit is trying to drive out the evil spirits but they are trying to fight back.

Sometimes, you may even find yourself speaking against the Holy Spirit in an attempt to discourage Him. This is why, during moments of praying in tongues, you may unknowingly utter inappropriate words.

These utterances are a direct result of the resistance by these malevolent spirits. Naturally, this can be an incredibly distressing experience if you are unaware of the underlying reasons behind it.

If you don’t have someone to guide you through the process, perhaps a man of God, the Holy Spirit has no choice but to cast out the evil spirits by Himself.

In such circumstances, you may wonder what you should do. All that is required of you is to give the Holy Spirit as much space as possible to assist in driving out those evil spirits. What will happen is that the Holy Spirit will naturally prompt you to pray in tongues before these events unfold.

In cases where you cannot pray in tongues at all, try to pray with understanding and confess the power of the blood of Jesus. Speak words like “Jesus is Lord” or “My tongue shall glorify the Lord” and other declarations of God’s word over your life.

These confessions allow the Holy Spirit to drive out evil spirits and prevent demons from using your tongue. Ultimately, the Holy Spirit will gain power and authority, enabling you to expel evil spirits swiftly and restore peace.

You may wonder how you will recognize the end of such an experience. You will        simply feel a sense of peace. When you have evil spirits within you, they tend to oppress you in various ways. They may cause sickness, mental issues, or discomfort, whether physical or mental.

Once they leave, you will immediately feel a tremendous weight lifted off your shoulders.

Another important point to note is that the more space you give the Holy Spirit, the more work He can do. If you become terrified and stop praying in tongues altogether, you are denying the Holy Spirit the opportunity to drive out those evil spirits.

Consequently, they will continue to reside within you, which is definitely not something you desire.

There is absolutely no need to fear the presence of evil spirits within you. It is ironic that people become afraid when these spirits are being expelled, yet they are comfortable when the spirits reside within them.

The expulsion of these spirits may occur all at once, which can be quite intense depending on the type and duration of their presence.

However, if they are minor evil spirits, they may even be expelled through actions such as coughing or spitting. These manifestations may occur temporarily, but once the evil spirits have departed, you will be completely restored.

The Holy Spirit is more cautious and attentive than any human being. When He drives out those evil spirits, He will do so with great care, ensuring that no harm befalls you.

Rest assured that He will take good care of you. So, do not be afraid; simply give the Holy Spirit the space He needs, and He will accomplish His work. Blessings!

6 thoughts on “The Scary Times when Praying in Tongues Casts Evil Spirits out of You”

  1. I noticed that when I pray in tongues. I would sometimes say wrong things. So is it possible that the demon would interfere my prayer in tongues or is it a demon praying through me?

    • Sometimes an evil spirit can speak through you especially when it is being cast out. The tongues will still be led by the Holy Spirit but the demon will sneak in obscene words to try and discourage you from praying so that it is cast out.

  2. Thank you for clarifying this. maybe the Holy Spirit is also trying to tell me that he is the one giving the utterance. Because when I pray in tongues I would suddenly speak in English,and say, “Jesus is Lord” , “Jesus is alive” , “Jesus is the Son of God.”

  3. There were times also that while I pray in tongues, I would speak in English in between and say, “Fear not, I will help you”, and “Fear not, my son, you are beloved”
    Is it possible that I am intrepreting what I pray in tongues? However, this rarely happens.

    • Yes, the statements you speak in English are in line with the tongues the Holy Spirit is leading you to speak. They help you understand what the tongues you are speaking are about.


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