The Role of Speaking in Tongues in receiving Wealth from God

While speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit primarily meant to help us pray and cultivate an intimate relationship with God, it comes with interesting benefits that are not so obvious.

One of such interesting benefits is its ability to lead you to material wealth. The discussion about having earthly wealth as a believer usually elicits different reactions but there is one thing we all need to understand…

God prefers His children to be wealthy than to be poor. The problem usually comes when people value their wealth more than God. In such a case, God is forced to take away the wealth to keep people in check.

Having wealth comes with the temptation to ignore God. In Proverbs 30, the author prays to God to give Him neither riches nor poverty but only his daily bread. He explains that if he is given too much wealth he will despise God and perish and if he is poor, he will steal and sin against God.

His prayer sheds light into the reality of having wealth; it is hard to be wealthy and still be faithful to God.

But God has promised to give wealth to those who please Him as the Bible records in Ecclesiastes 2:26. Spending life gathering wealth is considered a curse for the ungodly. In short, the more ungodly you are, the more time of your life you will spend toiling for money.

The truth is that we are ungodly to some level which means we are going to spend part of our lives struggling to make money. But that should change the more we devote ourselves to God.

Speaking in tongues is an important gift that helps us attain the necessary balance that prompts God to give us wealth.

God withholds wealth from people as long as they are yet to meet the balance He demands. Gaining wealth before getting the balance required will quickly put you on a path to destruction.

You will be ‘gaining the whole world while losing your soul’ or in the words of King Solomon ‘you will be hoarding wealth to your own destruction’.

The Role Speaking in Tongues will play in making you Rich

1. Speaking in Tongues will Unlock God’s Blessings for you

Riches and other blessings remain in the custody of God until a believer attains the required level of maturity. When a believer is mature, he is expected to ask for the necessary gifts which come with riches.

The Bible tells us of King Solomon who asked God for wisdom when God appeared to Him in a dream. The request King Solomon made pleased God who then decided to add to King Solomon a few more gifts he had not asked for.

King Solomon enjoyed great wealth without sweating for it. He also enjoyed protection from God based on the promise God had made to him to keep him at peace. King Solomon even wrote a proverb about that promise in Proverbs 16:7 saying “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him”.

Gaining wealth is only part of the work, enjoying the wealth in the presence of your enemies is only possible when God is with you.

Speaking in tongues unlocks many gifts in your life. As you speak in tongues, the Holy Spirit makes intercession for you to God to unlock gifts in your life.

One of the gifts that will be unlocked when you speak in tongues is wisdom. And the moment wisdom is unlocked, your ways will please the Lord and He will honor you with great riches.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 3:16 that in the left hand of wisdom are riches and honor. This means that if you get wisdom, riches and honor follow automatically.

If you are persistent in speaking in tongues, you will reach the level of unlocking wisdom and then riches will come.

2. Speaking in Tongues will earn you Patience which is Necessary for Building Wealth

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 13:11 that dishonest wealth dwindles away but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow. There are so many schemes today that promise quick wealth.

The quick wealth is a trap; it will dwindle away with time. Gathering little by little is the recommended way to grow wealth as a child of God.

But of course you need patience for you to gather money little by little. In most business talks, patience is one of the most emphasized virtues to have if you want to become rich.

But where does patience come from?

From the Holy Spirit!

Patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. To earn patience, you will need to cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit. And how do you cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit?

By speaking in tongues!

If you speak in tongues frequently, your relationship with the Holy Spirit will grow. And as your relationship with Him grows, He will teach you patience. Remember He is our teacher.

When you have mastered patience, you will find it easy to build wealth because of your patience.

A friend of mine once told me that if he had the patience that I had in business, he would be a billionaire. He was surprised that I was still learning about blogging two years after I began even though I had not made any money.

I thank God because through speaking in tongues I learned the necessary patience that is now helping me in business.

3. Speaking in Tongues will earn you Self-Control which is needed to become Rich

Just like patience, self-control is another key requirement if you want to become rich. Self-Control is a fruit of the Holy Spirit just like patience.

This means that if you want to become self-controlled you need an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit which will be built when you speak in tongues.

Business is volatile; one day you will be riding a wave and the next day you are barely staying afloat. Without self-control, you can easily give up.

There are business rules that you also need to follow and it takes a big dose of self-control to stick to them.

Many businesses have collapsed because people running them lacked self-control. Greed is usually the result of lacking self-control.

If you are selling a product and making a profit of $2 per sale, when sales increase, you will be tempted to raise your profit to $5 or even $10.

If you don’t have self-control, you will succumb to such urges and of course your customers will hate you for being greedy.

God cares about how we run our businesses and even for those who are employed, God cares about how you conduct yourself as an employee.

An employee who has self-control will earn the necessary favor to receive promotion after promotion. But if a salary raise makes you proud, you will soon be demoted.

Speaking in tongues is a background gift that enables us to gain self-control that is critical when it comes to success in life and becoming rich.

4. Speaking in Tongues will help you earn Faithfulness which is Important for becoming Rich

Faithfulness is another virtue that is necessary if you want to become wealthy. Jesus told us a parable involving a faithful servant in Luke 12. Jesus tells us that the faithful servant is one whom the master returns and finds doing what is right.

Jesus then tells us that the master will make that faithful servant ruler over his household. This was true in the Old Testament story of Joseph in Potiphar’s house.

Of course we know Jesus told this parable primarily in reference to the Kingdom of God and His return but it also applies to many other areas of our lives.

Many believers pray to God for promotions but unless they are faithful in their work, God won’t promote them. This parable gives us a hint of what makes God promote someone both in His kingdom and even among our human affairs.

Joseph in the Old Testament was promoted to great wealth because He proved to be faithful.

Whether you are in business or you are employed, faithfulness is necessary if you want to become rich. Facebook have had privacy problems in the recent years and it has greatly affected their business because they were unfaithful with their users’ data.

How many businesses have collapsed because the owners were unfaithful? They make promises to their customers but behind the scenes they do different things.

When customers find out, they leave and the business collapses.

As someone who is employed, when you are put in charge of resources, are you faithful to administer them according to the agreement or do you double deal?

Speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit that cultivates faithfulness in us which is an important virtue when it comes to building wealth.

God considers the character of a person before deciding whether to promote a person or leave him. If you are consistent in speaking in tongues, you will easily grow the necessary character for God to promote you.

5. Speaking in Tongues will help you maintain your relationship with God after you become Rich

I began by mentioning the difficult balance between having wealth and remaining faithful to God. God knows that maintaining that balance is difficult and that is why He always tests us before giving us wealth.

If you have the gift of speaking in tongues, it helps you maintain an intimate relationship with God. Even after you become rich, it is hard to abandon God if you are in the habit of speaking in tongues.

The sweetness that you get from speaking in tongues will keep you committed to God despite having a lot of wealth.

Without the gift of speaking in tongues, it is easy to stop praying to God after you become rich. Most prayers made in understanding are requests for wealth, good health, marriage partner etc.

Once God grants all your requests, praying becomes hard. But if you have the gift of praying in tongues, you will always pray in tongues just because you enjoy it.

The Role of Speaking in Tongues in receiving Riches from God: Conclusion

Being rich feels good. It is not a requirement but if you are faithful to God, it will be given to you as a consolation.

God designed the process of becoming rich to demand virtues that only the Holy Spirit can provide. That way, God is sure nobody can enjoy wealth unless he has kept His commands.

As believers, we have an advantage when it comes to becoming rich and enjoying the riches. If you don’t know where to begin, start by making speaking in tongues a habit.

Through speaking in tongues, many doors will be unlocked for you including the door of becoming rich. Just remember, we do not necessarily pray in tongues to become rich; we become rich because we manifest the fruit of speaking in tongues.


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