Why The Devil Fears Believers Who Pray in Tongues

You might have heard people mention that the devil fears believers who speak in tongues. In this article, I will explain why this is the case.

The enemy dislikes believers who pray in tongues because He fears the power that these prayers hold. Despite this, the devil tries to deceive believers into thinking that speaking in tongues is useless and has no power.

He even uses people to demonize the act of speaking in tongues in an attempt to discourage believers from praying in tongues. This is simply a tactic to make believers stop using this powerful gift.

The individuals who discourage others from praying in tongues may not be aware that they are being influenced by the enemy. They are ordinary people who lack spiritual sensitivity, making them susceptible to the lies whispered by the devil.

These lies are then used to undermine the practice of praying in tongues and spread negativity about it.

This mostly happens to people in the early stages of the gift of praying in tongues. The enemy often attempts to instill doubts in their minds, suggesting that the tongues they are speaking are not authentic.

The enemy recognizes that when a believer receives the gift of praying in tongues, his ability to deceive that believer diminishes significantly. Therefore, he exerts great effort to hinder believers.

If you persist in praying in tongues and resist the doubts of the enemy, you eventually reach a level where the devil fears you; and he is afraid of you for two primary reasons:


Firstly, if you pray in tongues, the devil cannot deceive you. In the Garden of Eden, Adam received instructions from God not to eat the forbidden fruit, but Eve did not receive direct instructions from God.

Instead, she received them from Adam. When the devil came to deceive, he targeted Eve because she had only received a report from Adam, not direct instructions from God. Eve, who was meant to help Adam in the garden, was the one the enemy used to gain access to Adam and cause his downfall.

In response, God sent the Holy Spirit, who is a helper that cannot be deceived. This is why Jesus Christ also referred to the Holy Spirit as a helper, indicating that the Holy Spirit cannot be deceived, unlike the first helper (Eve).

When you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and you begin praying in tongues, you are allowing the perfect helper to work in your life. This prevents the enemy from deceiving you. Even if the enemy tries to deceive you physically, the Holy Spirit within you will not be deceived.

I have heard many people mention this and have experienced it myself several times. For example, when I am having a nightmare, I start praying in tongues in the dream and then wake up praying. This shows that the enemy is trying to attack and deceive, but the Holy Spirit within me fights back, even when I am asleep, and wakes me up to continue the battle.

For people who do not have the Holy Spirit and do not pray in tongues, they are susceptible to being trapped by the enemy in their dreams. The enemy takes advantage of the vulnerability of sleeping individuals to deceive and attack them.

However, those who are filled with the Holy Spirit and pray in tongues are prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray and resist these attacks. Additionally, praying in tongues brings individuals closer to God, purifying and edifying them, which in turn scares off the kingdom of darkness and the enemy.

The Bible states that Job’s righteousness led to God’s protection surrounding him.

Have you not put a hedge around him and his household and everything he has? You have blessed the work of his hands, so that his flocks and herds are spread throughout the land.

Job 1:10

Similarly, when you pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit edifies and sanctifies you, resulting in heavenly protection. The enemy cannot come close to someone who is sanctified and edified in this way.

Interference with purity

The second point to note is that if the devil attempts to use deceptive tactics in your life, he may try to lead you into evil covenants in your dreams or tempt you into a sinful lifestyle.

This can hinder the level of purity that the Holy Spirit desires to establish in you. This is why I often mention that the second thing the Holy Spirit will do is lead you to engage in spiritual warfare and break those evil covenants that the enemy has trapped you in.

It is only after you are free from these evil covenants that you will have the opportunity to attain the purity level that allows God to protect you from the enemy who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10:10

The enemy is aware of these things, which is why he is typically fearful when someone begins praying in tongues.

Despite his fear, he will often come at you like a roaring lion in an attempt to discourage you from praying in tongues, making you feel as though it has no effect.

However, he knows that if you continue praying in tongues, you will ultimately defeat him. I hope this encourages you to pray in tongues more and not succumb to any form of discouragement from the enemy. Blessings!

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