Entering Rest – Find Rest in Christ Jesus

“Augustine, I feel lost. I’ve tried many things but nothing is working. What do I do?”

I’ve been asked this question several times. Others frame it differently; “Augustine, I know you are wise. I feel so empty. Tell me something I should do to feel better.”

After helping countless people with this problem, I decided to write a book that outlines the steps that anyone with such a problem needs to follow to find purpose and fulfillment.

This book walks you through the steps you need to follow to find rest in Christ. There are five steps in total (197 pages) and I explain what you should expect in each step and what to do in case you are stuck.

If you don’t understand any step, I’ve included my contact in the book where you can consult and I’ll elaborate it for you.

Christ has offered us rest (Matthew 11:28) but the formula of accessing it is a challenge. That is the gap this book fills.

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