Praying in Tongues and The Test for Breakthroughs

When it comes to praying in tongues there is a test that God usually gives to His people. It is important for you to be aware of this test because it is unavoidable. Passing this test is a must in order for you to receive blessings from God.

In this article, I will be explaining what this test is all about and what is needed for you to pass the test.

Praying in tongues

First, it is important to note that praying in tongues is a form of prayer. Initially, people communicated with God through prayers in their own language during the Old Testament era.

However, when Jesus arrived, He observed the struggle with prayer, and so He introduced the Holy Spirit as a helper to assist us with our prayers.

The Holy Spirit, our divine helper, helps us in different ways including prayer. The Holy Spirit enables us to pray in tongues, as it is a straightforward and an easy form of prayer.


Praying in tongues does not exempt us from fulfilling the requirements for our prayers to be answered. God still considers these requirements when answering our prayers.

According to the teachings of Jesus, when we pray for something, we must have unwavering faith that we have already received it, and only then shall we obtain it.

Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you.

Mark 11:24

It is crucial to have faith in every prayer we make in order to receive the rewards of our petitions. Praying in tongues follows the same principle.

I have met a number of people who pray in tongues but lack genuine faith in their prayers. They simply pray in tongues, assuming that the act alone will produce the desired outcomes, even without having faith.

They fail to understand that praying in tongues is merely a form of prayer and in order for it to work, faith must be activated.

The test of faith

As a believer, you should always anticipate a test of faith at any given time. This concept is not new seeing as Abraham, the father of our faith was also tested by God.

Hence, it is inevitable that each one of us, being of the same faith as our father Abraham, will also undergo tests at some point.

The Lord Himself chooses the test to give you based on what you are seeking from Him. He also determines the duration of the test, and decides on the reward to give you upon passing it. Always keep this in mind while praying in tongues.

Waiting on God’s promises

Another thing to note is that these tests often teach us patience. There are two ways God tests us: by promising something and making us wait for its fulfillment, as seen in the example of Abraham waiting 25 years for the birth of his promised son, Isaac.

There are times when you pray in tongues and receive a promise from the Lord and your faith is tested to determine how long you will believe in the promise. It requires a lot of faith to hold on to the promise.

Once you show unwavering faith and trust in God regarding a specific matter, God will eventually make the promise come to pass.


The second way is when God permits suffering to enter your life. This suffering can manifest in various forms, such as persecution, false accusations, physical ailments, or the pursuit of justice.

In such circumstances, we experience pain and seek refuge in God. However, instead of immediately taking away our pain, God asks us to be patient and allows time to pass.

This period of waiting serves as a test of our faith, as God observes how long we will rely solely on Him and refrain from seeking solutions elsewhere.

In conclusion, every time you pray in tongues trusting God for something, always expect a test from Him. He may give you a promise and then test you, or you may find yourself eagerly waiting for God to come through for you in a particular situation.

In that waiting period, God will be testing your faith until the appointed time. The wonderful thing is that if the test is challenging and lasts longer than expected, the Lord will reward you for each day you spend waiting on Him.

There is no such thing as waiting too long for God. The longer you wait and the more patient you are, the greater the reward will be. Blessings!

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