Praying in Tongues at Midnight

Praying in tongues at midnight is a mystery that many believers overlook. Praying in tongues alone is a mystery. Add to it the midnight mystery and you have a deep mystery that can yield great results if a person takes advantage of it.

I have prayed in tongues at midnight on many occasions and I must say it hits differently.

What Makes Praying in Tongues at Midnight Special?

From a physical standpoint, praying in tongues at midnight is special because there are not many distractions.

During the day, there are noises and many activities. But at night, there is barely any noise and most activities cease.

The peaceful midnight environment makes it easy to focus in the spirit. The focus yields great results.

The devil attacks our minds in prayer by throwing dirty thoughts at us. Praying in tongues at midnight minimizes these thoughts especially those that come from our immediate environment.

You don’t expect phone calls at midnight, do you? Your friend will not come to knock on your door at midnight, will he?

The absence of distractions is great when you are praying in tongues at midnight. The confidence that you won’t have distractions is also a good thing.

Sometimes when I am praying during the day, I can’t shed off the fact that someone may call me or knock on my door.

Anytime I hear someone walking past my door, I can’t help but wonder what he is up to. But at midnight, such distractions don’t affect me when I am praying in tongues.

Spiritual Perspective

Praying in tongues at midnight is important in the spiritual realm. Midnight marks transition. At the point of transition, the day is at its weakest.

This means that whatever happens at midnight will greatly affect the day. The midnight hour is the hour of planting seeds that germinate during the day.

If midnight finds you praying in tongues, your day will yield the fruit of the tongues you were speaking at midnight.

Since each day has a lot of activities, it is wise to speak in tongues at midnight as that will let the Holy Spirit make necessary declarations for you.

There are days when the devil has plants temptations against you. By praying in tongues at midnight, you nullify the plans of the enemy right at the start of the day.

As a result, you wake up to a fresh day that has no satanic temptations.

Praying any other time of the day is still effective in destroying the plans of the enemy but if the enemy launches attacks early in the day, you will be caught off guard.

Therefore, if you want a peaceful day, pray in tongues at midnight.

How to Maximize Praying in Tongues at Midnight

Since the devil knows that praying in tongues at midnight does great damage to his plans, he comes up with schemes to hinder it.

But as a wise believer, you can easily outsmart the devil because you have the Holy Spirit.

Praying in tongues at midnight can have great results if you know how to approach it. Without the right approach, it will be just like a prayer at any other time of the day.

To get the best out of praying in tongues at midnight, understand its significance. There are things that praying for at midnight or any other time of the day makes no difference.

But there are matters that can only be sorted out by praying in tongues at midnight. The most important factor to understand is that at midnight you are planting seeds for the new day.

Different people will plant different seeds but midnight is the hour of planting in the spiritual realm.

If you want to experience favor during the day, plant the seeds of favor at midnight. If you want to prevent attacks of the devil during the day, destroy them at midnight.

Have a specific agenda any time you go to pray at midnight. Ask yourself, what seed am I going to plant for my day? What good do I want to see?

Jesus spoke about this matter in the parable of the ten virgins where the bridegroom showed up at midnight.

He also spoke about it when referring to the kingdom of God. He said the kingdom of God is like a man who planted wheat but at night when everyone was asleep, the enemy came and planted weeds.

Notice that Jesus specifically mentions planting at night.

Being a servant of God, stay awake at midnight and speak in tongues. Doing that will not only stop the enemy from coming to plant weeds in your day but it will also give you an opportunity to plant the good seeds you want.

Preparing to Speak in Tongues at Midnight

For any effective session of speaking in tongues, you need proper preparation. Praying in tongues at midnight is especially challenging because of many factors.

One, chances are that you will be tired by the time it is midnight. Two, you may not have a conducive environment to pray since most people at that time don’t want noise.

But with proper preparation, you can make praying at midnight very effective.

First, charge up your spirit before midnight. If it is possible, listen to worship songs and do light praying just before midnight.

The last thing you want is for the midnight hour to come when you are still warming up in prayer. By the time it hits midnight, you should be deep in prayer.

Second, take supper early. Praying shortly after eating is never easy. Eating supper at least three hours before midnight will give you ample time to speak in tongues.

Third, isolate yourself. There is good reason why Jesus advocated for people to pray in secret. There are deep secrets that God will only reveal to you if you are praying in secret.

Praying in the presence of people is acceptable but it limits how much you can transact with God. If praying in tongues at midnight is done in secret, you will be in a good position to encounter deep things in God.

Praying in Tongues at Midnight Conclusion

Treasure praying in the spirit at midnight. You may not do it on a daily basis but whenever you can, do it. Midnight is a great opportunity for you to dictate how you want your day to be.

God bless you!

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