Praying in Tongues has a Deeper Spiritual Purpose

Recently, I received a captivating revelation by the Holy Spirit while praying in tongues. Although I had some prior knowledge of it, the Holy Spirit unveiled the complete understanding to me. This revelation is quite interesting, and I am excited to share it with you.

It is a well-known fact that speaking in tongues holds numerous advantages and it is a powerful gift that enhances our lives. The Bible briefly mentions the concept of praying in tongues, emphasizing its ability to edify us.

He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself, but he who prophesies edifies the church.

1 Corinthians 14:4

However, the term “edification” carries profound significance, including various aspects that we may not have considered before. Surprisingly, praying in tongues serves a spiritual purpose that extends beyond the human understanding.

In the beginning, as God created the heavens and the earth, He designated heaven as His throne and Earth as His footstool. The Earth was intended to be the dwelling place for mankind, while heaven was reserved for God.

It is important to note that God not only created man, but also angels and other spirits. Unlike man, angels did not have a specific home of their own and were to share heaven with God.

This lack of a designated home for angels led to jealousy among some spirits, as they felt that God had favored man over them. This jealousy ultimately drove the Devil to deceive man, out of resentment towards God’s love for humanity.

This explains why humans are central to spiritual activities, as spirits compete for the attention of mankind due to God’s profound love for us.

Let’s take an example of children. They often mimic the desires of their parents, gravitating towards items or activities that receive the most attention. That is why many times, they would choose to play with your phone over the toys you bought them.

It is typical human behavior to be drawn to things that are highly valued. In the same way, spirits also seek the attention of humans because of the deep love that God has for mankind.

This is precisely why God demands our undivided attention and emphasizes the importance of worshiping and serving Him alone. Furthermore, we are called to dedicate ourselves solely to Him.

Once we understand this, we can now perceive the power of praying in tongues. When we pray in tongues, we are essentially conveying the divine will of God on Earth.

The words spoken in tongues are not our own thoughts, but rather they are inspired by the Holy Spirit. By speaking in tongues, we are advancing God’s agenda on Earth.

This aligns with the Lord’s Prayer, where we ask for God’s will to be fulfilled on Earth just as it is in heaven.

As humans, we are limited in our understanding of God’s will. Our minds are unable to fully comprehend it. Therefore, the only way for us to pray and speak God’s will into our lives, is by allowing the Holy Spirit, who comprehends God’s will in heaven, to speak through us.

By doing so, we are effectively spreading what God desires to be spread on Earth. This act of yielding ourselves to be God’s vessels for His will to be carried out on Earth through our declarations is pleasing to God.

Sometimes, when we pray in tongues, the words we utter are not meant for our personal intercession or edification; but they serve as declarations for God’s desires to be fulfilled here on Earth.

When we speak these declarations, they are released into the world, prompting angels to act upon them thus executing God’s will. As a result, we become instruments through which God’s will is accomplished, and He rewards us for our service.

I learned that there is indeed a reward for praying in tongues, even if it is not for our personal needs. By praying in tongues, we are effectively expressing the will of the Holy Spirit and God on Earth, and this is a service that God graciously rewards. Blessings!

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