Prophetic Speaking in Tongues

What is prophetic speaking in tongues? How can someone speak prophetic tongues? Are all tongues that people speak prophetic?

When it comes to prophetic speaking in tongues, there are many questions. I will answer a number of them in this article.

I do speak in tongues and I also interpret tongues. I have encountered prophetic speaking in tongues and learned a few things about it.

What is Prophetic Speaking in Tongues?

Prophetic speaking in tongues is where someone is led by the Spirit of God to speak a prophecy but in tongues. Normal prophecies are spoken in understanding but when they are spoken in tongues, it is called prophetic speaking in tongues.

Prophetic speaking in tongues is common. Many times when people speak in tongues, they prophesy. It is only that most of the time the prophecies they speak only relate to their lives.

But sometimes God sends forth a prophecy in tongues to a congregation. Such a prophecy needs an interpreter.

It was in reference to prophetic speaking in tongues that Apostle Paul said there must be an interpreter. Prophetic tongues can only fulfill their purpose when they are interpreted.

And just as Apostle Paul said, prophecy edifies the church but speaking in tongues only edifies the one speaking.

But if God is able to send prophecies why should there be prophetic tongues?

Well, prophetic tongues is another way for God to pass His prophetic message and capture attention. Naturally, speaking in tongues is attention grabbing. Both believers and non-believers find it hard to overlook someone speaking in tongues.

God uses the advantage of the attention grabbing nature of speaking in tongues to pass a prophetic message.

Think about your own life; if you get a prophecy and if someone interprets tongues and they happen to be a prophecy about your life, which one will grab your attention more?

How can someone Practice Prophetic Speaking in Tongues?

Prophetic speaking in tongues comes naturally. Since prophecies come from God, it is Him who decides when to send them forth.

The prophets of old used to say “The word of the Lord came to me…” The prophet is a vessel that only receives whatever it has been given.

Speaking in tongues too is utterance given to us by the Spirit of God. Yes, we can decide when to speak in tongues but the words we speak are given to us by the Holy Spirit.

If the Spirit of God sees fit to prophesy through us, He will prophesy. If not, He will make supplications for us before God.

Experiencing prophetic speaking in tongues depends on the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Prophetic Tongues to a Congregation

Prophetic tongues to a congregation usually carry a message from God to the congregation. The message could be a warning, an encouragement, what God is about to do, what God wants the congregation to do etc.

There have been times when God sent prophetic messages in tongues after an intense session of spiritual warfare. The messages ranged from giving direction on waging war to an assurance of God’s victory.

Such prophetic tongues increase the faith of believers.

Prophetic Tongues to an Individual

I have witnessed someone speak prophetic tongues as a message to another person. It was more like normal prophecy but only that it was given in tongues.

The prophecy came in tongues because the message was only meant for that person but still God wanted us to be witnesses to the prophecy.

Speaking a prophetic message in tongues to someone may require interpretation but sometimes it doesn’t.

There are prophecies that God speaks over someone and fulfills them even if the person has no idea what the prophecy was about. This happens because sometimes God doesn’t want the person to know what prophecy has come upon his life lest he understands and doubts it.

God speaks so that when He finally fulfills the prophecy it aligns with His law that says God does not do anything without revealing it to His servants the prophets.

But if the faith of the person receiving the prophecy is strong, God will usually provide an interpretation.

Take an example of the MENE MENE TEKEL prophecy. The king didn’t know but because God had already spoken it, He was justified to carry out the plan.

God allowed Daniel to interpret the prophecy before He executed it. It helped us know why the King was perishing.

Prophetic Tongues to yourself

When you speak prophecies over your life in tongues, God is obligated to fulfill them provided you keep your faith. This is very important because there are many prophetic activities in our lives that need to be activated before they are fulfilled.

For example, if you want to get married and you want God to help you, there must be a prophetic word for God to act upon.

The Holy Spirit uses your tongue to utter a prophecy about your marriage and God acts upon it. You may never know that you uttered that prophecy but of course the most important thing is that you get married.

For God to do anything in our lives, there must be a prophecy about it. If you make speaking in tongues a habit, you can be sure the Spirit of God will utter many prophecies over your life for God to fulfill.

Your responsibility is to speak in tongues; the Spirit of God will know when to utter prophetic tongues.

Prophetic Speaking in Tongues: Conclusion

Prophetic speaking in tongues is a powerful form of tongues that builds up our lives. Anyone who has the gift of speaking in tongues has the ability to speak in prophetic tongues.

Many times the tongues you speak prophetically will be for your own life but once in a while God can use you to speak prophecies to other people.

You will be in a better position if you have the gift of interpreting tongues. That way, you can know some of the prophecies that the Spirit of God has spoken over your life.

But even for people who don’t have the gift of interpreting tongues, they can know prophecies that the Holy Spirit has spoken over their lives because their spirit understands.

All of a sudden you may feel strongly that something is going to happen. That is usually because the Spirit of God prophesied about it in tongues and your spirit understood.

Either way, the most important thing is to make speaking in tongues a habit.


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