Singing in Tongues Meaning

The Bible talks about singing in tongues in 1st Corinthians 14:15. But what exactly is singing in tongues? Who ever thought that the Holy Spirit could sing?

Well, in this article I will explain what singing in tongues is and give additional information you need to know.

What is singing in Tongues?

Singing in tongues is a form of giving worship to God that is spontaneous and initiated by the Holy Spirit. People sing in tongues out of inspiration by the Holy Spirit.

In some instances, singing in tongues may sound like speaking in tongues but the difference is that singing in tongues is musical.

Speaking in tongues has syllables but singing in tongues can be musical sounds without syllables. Sometimes the person singing in tongues hums a tone. Singing in tongues doesn’t always have syllables.

Spiritual chants are part of singing in the spirit. The person singing receives tunes from heaven and a few syllables and then sings them.

The melody is usually beautiful and heavenly. Listening to it sooths your spirit. You feel the peaceful heavenly presence.

Sometimes the singing can be warfare related and so it is vigorous. Either way, listening to someone singing in tongues is amazing.

When does singing in Tongues Occur?

Singing in tongues is inspired by the Spirit of God but anyone can initiate it at any time. The Spirit of God is always eager to use our lips to sing to God. When we avail ourselves, He sings through us.

Just like normal singing, singing in the spirit takes courage and boldness. You have to vocalize the tune that you hear. In most cases, God only reveals to you part of the tune. When you sing the small part He has revealed to you, He reveals more.

Some people sing in tongues during their personal prayer time while other sing while leading worship in a congregation.

Regardless of where someone sings in tongues, one thing is clear; purity of the heart is a must. There is no way God will receive worship that is defiled.

Our voices are only a physical manifestation of the worship that we offer to God. The real worship is the state of our hearts.

Do you remember when God accused the Israelites of worshipping Him with their lips yet their hearts were far from Him?

The same is true today. Worship begins with the state of our hearts. A heart that is inclined to God is worshipping God even if no voice is backing it up.

Jesus said a time would come when the true worshippers would worship the Father in Spirit and in truth. Worshipping in spirit includes singing in tongues although it is primarily the state of the heart.

If your heart truly loves God and you are walking in the spirit, then your worship will be accepted before the Father.

But because our hearts cannot achieve the level of perfection required, the Spirit of God generates worship for us and we only get to vocalize it. That is how singing in tongues springs up.

Hearing Tunes from Heaven when Singing in Tongues

You can sing in tongues if the Spirit of God takes over your tongue. This means that you have to be pure and humble enough to be led.

But if you want the ability to sing in tongues whenever you desire, you have to master the art of hearing heavenly tunes.

Worship goes on throughout in Heaven. Each of the created things offers worship to God. We are part of the creation and we are expected to offer worship as well.

When you tune your spiritual ears to hear heavenly tunes, you can always join creation in worshipping God.

When your spiritual ears are tuned to heavenly tones, you can know the songs being sang at the moment and you join.

Sometimes it is the angels singing, other times it is the birds, other times it is the oceans.

The simple rule when it comes to hearing heavenly tunes is to keep your heart pure. Ask for the blood of Jesus to purify your spiritual ears and stay away from defiling words and songs.

Then when you hear the slightest tone, vocalize it so that God reveals to you more of it.

How long does singing in Tongues take?

As I have mentioned before, worship in heaven never ceases. Anytime you want to join the heavenly worship you can sing in tongues.

How long singing in tongues takes depends on how long you want to worship. The limitation is physical rather than spiritual.

You may want to take a break to handle other human activities but that does not mean singing has stopped. Some people sing in the spirit when they are doing chores and it is totally fine.

There is no limitation to singing in the spirit.

Singing in tongues specifically is endless since the Spirit of God can never run out of worship to offer to God. Provided you avail yourself and stay focused, you will sing in tongues.

If you are leading a congregation, of course you will stop when the time allocated for worship ends. It is not a bad thing to allocate a specific amount of time to sing in tongues.

God has given us wisdom and He expects us to use the wisdom to sub-divide our time in a way that honors Him. God also wants to know how much we love Him based on how much time we allocate to Him.

Therefore, be generous when allocating time to sing in tongues. If you struggle to give God more time, it is because your love for Him is wanting.

The Meaning of Singing in Tongues: Conclusion

Singing in tongues is a beautiful melody that the spirit of God sings through us. It may be with words or just hums.

Either way, singing in tongues carries great power and it enables us offer pure worship to God. Our hearts may fail to attain the level of purity required to worship God but the Spirit of God through the blood of Jesus enables us to offer pure worship to God.

If you have the gift of speaking in tongues, you can sing in tongues. You only need to be courageous to vocalize the heavenly tunes that you hear.

Sometimes you may even find yourself humming tunes you are not aware of. The Spirit of God leads us provided we yield ourselves to Him.

Pursue singing in tongues!

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