The Power of Singing in Tongues

The power vested in singing in tongues is great. The challenge is knowing how to access it. It takes great wisdom to tap into the power of singing in tongues.

Good for us, God has not left us in the dark. The Spirit of God who enables us to sing in tongues also teaches us how to access its power.

In this article, I will talk about the power of singing in tongues and how to access it.

The Power of Singing in Tongues

1. Singing in Tongues cultivates Love

Our relationship with God is a love relationship. For any love relationship to flourish, there must be acts of intimacy. Singing love songs is one of the acts of intimacy that makes a love relationship flourish.

The challenge with singing love songs is knowing when to sing them. Your partner is not always in the mood of hearing love songs. You have to get the timing right.

At the same time, you need to know what words to include in the song and what words to avoid. Knowing the taste of your love partner is never easy.

If knowing the right love song to sing to our earthly partners is hard, how much harder is it for us to know the perfect love song to sing to God?

Because it is so hard to know what God is thinking and when He wants to hear a love song from you, the only way is to get insider information.

And where do you get insider information about God? From the Holy Spirit!

God Himself revealed this secret to us when He told us that nobody knows the thoughts of a man except his spirit and likewise nobody knows the thoughts of God except His Spirit.

The Holy Spirit searches the deep things of God and reveals them to us. Among the deep things that the Holy Spirit searches about God is the knowledge of the perfect love song that God wants to hear.

When we sing in tongues, which is basically letting the Holy Spirit sing through us, we offer perfect love songs to God.

When God receives perfect love songs from us, His heart melts with love for us and He pours out His blessings.

I hope you know the stories of Queen Esther and the daughter of Herod. Both of them pleased the Kings of their time and they were promised to receive whatever they asked for.

The two stories were an image of what God does when someone pleases Him; He is willing to give whatever the person asks for.

Singing in tongues is an easy way to get to the heart of God and draw great love for yourself. When you sing in tongues, you experience the perfect love of God.

2. Singing in Tongues brings Healing

Singing in tongues is a cure to every disease that men suffer from. The power of singing in tongues is strong enough to take away all infirmity.

How does it work?

When you sing in tongues, you allow the Spirit of God to work through you. Since the singing is directed towards God, the Spirit of God has to prepare you to present your worship to God.

As part of the preparation, the Holy Spirit removes everything that is defiling. Since the diseases that we suffer from are defilement, the Holy Spirit takes them away before we are allowed to present our song to God.

From the story of Queen Esther, we know that she had to undergo twelve months of beauty treatment before she appeared before the king.

The same is true with appearing before God to offer worship; the Spirit of God takes you through a thorough preparation.

If you make singing in tongues a habit, the Spirit of God will keep perfecting you in every way so that you appear flawless before God.

Each time you sing in tongues, you move closer to God and that means more infirmities have to be taken away from you.

Before you know it, you will be in perfect health and state of mind just from singing in tongues.

There is nothing too hard for the Holy Spirit provided we allow Him to work in us.

3. Singing in Tongues gives us Power over Evil

As innocent as singing in tongues may appear, it is a powerful warfare weapon. The greatest weapon we have against evil is love and we express our love through singing.

It is the nature of songs to have a repetitive message. When we sing in tongues, our repetitive message is love. The love we profess overcomes evil.

This is how it works…

When we sing in tongues, the Spirit of God enables us to express our love and dedication to God. By declaring our love and dedication to God, we declare judgment to the devil who refused to show love and dedication to God.

As a result, the devil flees from us. The departure of the devil also marks the departure of all evil that he does.

Just by singing in tongues, we win all spiritual battles without a single drop of sweat. How cool!

Accessing the Power of Singing in Tongues

Accessing the power of singing in tongues is a process that we learn from the Holy Spirit. First, the Spirit of God teaches us how to speak in tongues.

Once we have mastered speaking in tongues, the Spirit of God teaches us how to sing in tongues. Even with children, they learn to speak first before they learn to sing.

Singing in tongues is powerful in its basic form but we multiply its power by living a pure life. The more pure our lives are, the greater the power of God that dwells in us.

God gives us more power when we live pure lives because He knows we won’t use the power He has given us against Him as the devil did.

With more power in our lives, singing in tongues yields greater results.

The Power of Singing in Tongues: Conclusion

If you often sing in tongues, you are on your way to experiencing great power in your life. Be consistent in singing in tongues and see what God does in your life.

Remember to back up your singing with a pure life. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

Meanwhile, be assured that God enjoys listening to your love songs and don’t let the devil discourage you from singing in tongues.


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