Is Singing in Tongues Biblical?

Yes, singing in tongues is Biblical. The Bible mentions singing in tongues in 1st Corinthians 14:15. Though the Bible refers to it as singing in the Spirit, it is the same thing.

The Bible sometimes refers to speaking in tongues as praying in the spirit which makes sense when it refers to singing in tongues as singing in the spirit.

However, just like speaking in tongues, there is no audio from Biblical times to tell us how exactly singing in tongues should sound.

From our common knowledge, singing is basically speaking but with added musical touches. That means that singing in tongues should also be like speaking in tongues but with musical touches.

Is the singing in tongues that happens today biblical?

The singing in tongues that you hear some servants of God doing is biblical. I have witnessed a number of people sing in tongues including my friends and it is perfectly fine.

As usual, when I am analyzing a matter, I look at the purpose. Singing in tongues serves a purpose and that is why it is included in scripture.

I will go over the purpose of singing in tongues and how it fulfills the biblical mandate.

Purpose of Singing in Tongues

1. We Sing in Tongues to Worship God

Singing in tongues serves the same purpose as singing in understanding. The difference is that singing in the Spirit involves songs composed by the Holy Spirit.

Just as speaking in tongues is made up of syllables given by the Holy Spirit, singing in tongues has lyrics given by the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit of God understands the heart of God and He knows what song is appropriate at any given time. When we give Him room, He sings the song of the hour to God.

Proverbs 25:20 tells us that singing songs to a sad heart is like taking away the person’s coat on a cold day. Have you ever been so sad that even listening to music was bothering rather than therapeutic? God experiences it too.

There was a day I attended church and during the time of worship, the atmosphere was dull. I didn’t know why but the worship was going nowhere.

Then my eyes opened and I saw Jesus seated on a stage in a theater and the worship team of the church I was attending was standing before Him. When they opened their mouths to sing, the curtains were closed to hide Jesus.

The Spirit of God revealed to me that the worship was annoying to God because the worship team members had unclean lips. Lips that slander cannot offer pure worship to God.

That day I understood that God can get bored with our worship.

But when you are led to sing in tongues by the Holy Spirit, you are assured that your song is pleasing to God.

2. We sing in Tongues to Praise God

Sometimes we are so full of Joy because of what God has done that we can’t find the right words to thank Him. The Spirit of God helps us in such moments to thank God by speaking in tongues.

But other times, the Spirit of God sings through us. The Bible records a number of people who composed songs of praise to God for what He had done.

Mary the mother of Jesus was elated when she received the news that she was highly favored to carry the Messiah. As a result, she sang a song of praise to God.

At that time, the dispensation of the Holy Spirit had not begun. Mary the mother of Jesus could only compose her praise song in a human language.

But in our time, we are in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit and when we need to compose a praise song to God, the Spirit of God can sing through us.

Singing praises to God in tongues is possible through the power of the Holy Spirit.

3. We Sing in Tongues for Edification

You can sing in tongues to edify yourself. It is just like speaking in tongues only that you add the musical touch.

Singing in understanding is therapeutic and so is singing in the spirit. Though your singing will be worship to God, it will also edify you.

When you sing to God, He draws closer to you. The closer you are to God, the more you become like Him.

Since God is life, when you are closer to Him you feel more alive. Jesus is the prince of peace; the closer you are to Him the greater the peace you feel.

The Spirit of God uses singing in tongues to draw God closer to us so that we experience the beautiful presence of God.

Singing in tongues is an intimate act that melts the heart of God. Remember that we are sinful and we annoy God by our wickedness.

When you offer a perfect song, it is so heart-warming to God. Angels can offer songs to God but their worship is not as valuable as ours because for them they sing from a place of comfort but for us we sing from a place of sacrifice.

When you take time to sing in tongues, you are sacrificing time you would naturally be doing human activities. But when angels sing, they are doing their natural duty.

Singing in tongues is great for self-edification.

Is Singing in Tongues Biblical? Conclusion

Singing in tongues is mentioned in the Bible even though it only appears in one verse. But the fact that it appears in the Bible shows that it is important.

Most emphasis is on speaking in tongues but singing in tongues is basically the musical version of speaking in tongues.

Don’t we have the same in our human languages? We speak and we also sing. Why should it be different with the heavenly language?

If you were skeptical about singing in tongues, you no longer have a reason to fear doing something that is unbiblical.

If you have the gift of speaking in tongues you can sing in tongues. Gather up courage and offer perfect worship to God.

There are great benefits associated with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Singing in tongues also has great benefits. Practice it as often as you can.


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