Receiving Supernatural Strength while Praying in Tongues

In this article, I will be addressing a very interesting phenomenon of receiving supernatural strength while praying in tongues. This is quite common among believers who pray in tongues. I will be delving into the reasons behind the occurrence of this phenomenon and how to handle it when it occurs.

Supernatural strength

The concept of supernatural strength from the Holy Spirit is illustrated in the bible through the story of Samson. Just like Samson received supernatural strength from God to perform exploits, believers today can also tap into this power through the Holy Spirit.  This may sound strange, but it is the reality.

It is important to note that despite the gentle nature of the Holy Spirit, He is not weak. Often, we associate gentleness with weakness, but the Holy Spirit is actually incredibly strong.

The Holy Spirit gives a surge of energy and strength to help fulfill specific assignments. This supernatural strength is particularly evident during times of spiritual warfare.

You may wonder why the Holy Spirit would provide strength during warfare. The reason is that spiritual warfare requires a great deal of energy, and even though it occurs in the spiritual realm, your physical body is also involved.

Many prophetic acts accompany this warfare, which require physical energy. Therefore, the Holy Spirit supplies the necessary physical energy to prevent exhaustion and ensure that you can continue praying.

It is crucial to recognize that this strength comes from the Holy Spirit and to discern the reason behind receiving such extraordinary strength. Sometimes, this strength can be overwhelming and may make you feel very powerful to the point of trembling.

The supernatural strength experience

So, what does it feel like to experience supernatural strength from the Holy Spirit?

There was this one time we were praying inside a tent during a night vigil in church. One of us began praying in tongues and received supernatural strength from the Holy Spirit. He suddenly grasped one of the tent pillars and held it firmly. He then started to vigorously shake the tent which caused concern among the rest of us.

In an attempt to intervene, several of us tried to pull him away from the pillar but his grip was incredibly strong, rendering our efforts futile. This elicited laughter among a section of the believers while others continued their attempts to free him from the pillar.

Eventually, it became evident that he was too powerful for any of us so we decided to leave him alone. At this point, it almost seemed as though he could bring the entire structure crashing down. This continued for approximately four or five minutes until he finally calmed down and released his grip on the pillar.

On other occasions, I have also observed people manifesting this supernatural power through actions such as shaking, shouting or groaning. These spiritual encounters make it challenging for anyone including ushers, to restrain them.

Interestingly, even individuals who may not appear physically strong would prove difficult to contain in that state. Sometimes, it would require the efforts of four or five men to manage to restrain them, and even then, they would often remain uncontrollable.

Through these experiences, I have come to understand that this surge of energy bestowed by the Holy Spirit enables these believers to fulfill specific assignments during that time. Attempting to stop their actions becomes nearly impossible just like how the Philistines could not overpower Samson.

Samson could even effortlessly lift an entire gate and carry it to the top of a hill. This type of energy is far beyond the ordinary strength.

Let’s also take an example of David who was filled with the Holy Spirit, securing him endless victory in the battle field. It is worth noting that David being a king did not undergo specific military training.

He devoted most of his time to composing Psalms. However, when the need for war arose, he would tap into the supernatural strength bestowed upon him by the Holy Spirit.

In one of the Psalms, David acknowledges that his strength is a divine gift from the Holy Spirit.

Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.

Psalms 144:1

Whenever there is spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit will help you to fight.

When you feel a surge of energy while praying in tongues, always remember that the Holy Spirit has a specific task for you to accomplish.

The amount of energy the Holy Spirit provides will depend on the requirements of the assignment at hand. Just like in the story of Samson, the Holy Spirit only granted him strength when he faced the Philistines or when he needed to overcome a challenge, such as tearing a lion apart.

The Holy Spirit understands that our bodies cannot sustain such high levels of energy for extended periods, so He supplies it in short intervals when it is needed.

Once the assignment is completed, the surge of strength will subside, returning you to your normal state. Therefore, when you experience this surge of energy, use it wisely to fulfill the task that God has put before you. Blessings!

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