Seeing Angels when Speaking in Tongues

“Wiseman, you speak in tongues a lot. Have you by any chance seen angels while speaking in tongues?” I get this question quite often.

If a gun was put on my head and I was asked if I have ever seen angels, I would say yes. Without the gun on my head, I would give a long explanation.

Because you are not holding a gun to my head, I’ll give you an explanation…

I have seen angels and that memory is still vivid in my mind but it happened in a dream. When someone asks me if I have seen angels when speaking in tongues, the answer gets complicated.

I don’t have memory of any incident where I saw angels while praying in tongues but I have had numerous angelic encounters because of speaking in tongues.

Encountering angels is quite unsettling. If you ever have an experience with angels, it will leave a permanent mark in your life.

For some people, the experience is so scary that they end up being afraid of any other encounter. For others, it is so sweet that they desire more of the same.

However way you react to an angelic encounter, one thing remains true; it is an unforgettable experience.

Before I dive into giving you information about praying in tongues and seeing angels, let me narrate to you the angelic experiences I have had.

First Angelic Experience

My first angelic experience happened a year before I received the ability to pray in tongues. This confirms that seeing angels is not reserved for tongue speaking believers alone.

The encounter happened in a dream. In the dream, I was playing outside my parents’ house; I was still a teenager. All of a sudden, a bright light lit up the entire sky. It was in the evening and the sky was getting dark.

When I looked up, I saw a bright cube in the east descending from heaven. The bright light was coming from that cube.

Then I saw small sparkles of light coming out of that cube. The cube was suspended high up in the clouds. The sparkles of light spread all over the sky.

When the sparkles of light drew closer to where I was, I realized they had human form. That is when I knew they were angels.

They scattered all over because they had come to gather up saints.

Second Angelic Encounter

While in the first encounter I only saw the angels, in the second encounter, I had a conversation with one of them.

The second encounter happened four years after the first one. At that time, I had the gift of praying in tongues.

The second encounter also happened in a dream. The night before I went to bed, I was spiritually drained. I had intended to pray in tongues before going to bed but because of being spiritually drained, I only said ‘God help me’ and went to bed.

That night, I had a dream where I was walking around my parents’ compound. When I looked up, I saw three figures of men high up in the clouds and they had purple and golden robes.

Not sure who they were, I stood there staring at them.

One of them looked down and saw that I was staring at them then he descended. He came down and stood on the roof of the house.

I went closer and he stretched his hand from the roof towards me. I held onto his hand and he pulled me up to the roof of the house.

He looked at me with a smile and asked what I wanted. Without any thought, I said I wanted to go to heaven; I had a strong desire to see heaven at that time.

He asked me to kneel down and close my eyes. I knelt down and closed my eyes. He then breathed upon me. I felt a cool breeze for about 30 seconds.

After the 30 seconds, he asked me to open my eyes and when I did, I found myself kneeling at the entrance of heaven. I looked around and saw other angels carrying out their heavenly duties.

When I stood up to walk around and explore heaven, the dream ended. Arrrgh!

Experiencing Angelic Activity when Praying in Tongues

Seeing angels is rare. That’s for sure! What is not rare is experiencing angelic activity. From what I have experienced so far, I realized that seeing angels is entirely God’s choice.

It is God who chose to keep angels invisible from us for good reasons. One of the reasons was to prevent angels from interfering with our activities. Remember angels were behind the corruption that happened before God sent the flood during the days of Noah.

With this being the case, it means there is no specific thing you can do to see angels. Even asking God to allow you see angels doesn’t guarantee that God will allow you to see angels.

God only allows people to see angels when it is necessary.

However, angelic activities are very common. Angels walk among us and they do what God instructs them to do. Sometimes we can see what they have done.

I’ve heard testimonies of people who were saved from accidents by angels. I’ve heard of people who received provisions from angels. In one extreme case, I witnessed angels help a man of God to cast out demons.

The demon possessed man was acting so violently that nobody could restrain him. The man of God prayed to God to send angels to subdue the man. Instantly, the man fell down and his hands went to the back the same way the police arrest suspects.

It was an amazing scene.

When praying in tongues, you will more likely witness angelic activities than seeing angels themselves. Some people report feeling a warm embrace around them when speaking in tongues. God sends angels to embrace you when you are speaking in tongues.

The Bible tells us of the night Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane; angels came and ministered to Him.

When you pray in tongues, if you need to be comforted, angels will come to comfort you. If you need encouragement, angels will come to encourage you.

I’m sure you know there are angels for specific tasks. If you pray in tongues for healing, God will send the angels of healing to heal you. The healing miracles we see are done by angels.

Even revelations are given to us by angels. Those revelations are actual objects in the spiritual world. God gives angels those revelations and asks them to give them to us.

A good example in the Bible is the case of the forbidden fruit. It was a fruit but it had the knowledge of good and evil. If you pray for knowledge, God will send an angel to feed your spirit with a piece of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

If you want to understand God’s word, God will send an angel to bring you a sword but in the physical world, it is the knowledge of the word of God.

So many angelic activities happen when we are praying in tongues but we only feel a few of them. Basically, if what you are praying for concerns your five senses, you will most likely experience the result of your prayers when angels bring the answer.

If you are waging spiritual warfare in tongues, angels will fight for you but you will only see the results. The peace you feel after waging a good spiritual war is brought about by the angel of peace who only comes after evil spirits have been driven off.

The angel of peace never fights. God sends him only when conditions are favorable.

Don’t Stress yourself about Angelic Activities when Speaking in Tongues

I know there are some men of God who encourage believers to actively pursue angelic experiences but that is not a good approach.

The important thing to do is to pray in tongues. By praying in tongues, you will automatically experience angelic activities based on your circumstances. If God wants you to see angels at work, He will let you see them.

But as you will realize, the important thing is what the angels do. Seeing them is not necessarily important. When an angel takes away pain from your heart, you will be full of joy even if you don’t witness the angel doing it.

Therefore, don’t stress yourself to see angels when praying in tongues and whoever sees angels when praying in tongues should not boast of being spiritually deep; it is God who decides who sees angels and who does not.

Until next time…Peace!

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