Prophetic Acts when Praying Warfare Tongues Explained

I received a query where someone asked me about the manifestations they experience when speaking in tongues, particularly tongues of warfare.

They wanted me to explain the specific signs associated with these manifestations. It was intriguing because I had observed some of the signs mentioned in the fellowship I used to attend.

The first thing the person mentioned was pointing fingers while praying in tongues. What I have learned is that in spiritual warfare, there are various roles that we assume.

In some instances, we may find ourselves in the position of a commander. As a commander in a spiritual war, our responsibility is to issue orders regarding the necessary actions. These orders are directed towards the angels that God has assigned to assist us.

When God calls us to engage in spiritual warfare, He often provides us with a support system of angels. The number of angels assigned to us depends on our spiritual rank and level of authority.

In the book of 2nd Kings chapter 2, the bible describes how God provided an army of angels to protect prophet Elisha and his servant Gehazi. The two were surrounded by a group of soldiers who wanted to capture Elisha so that he would not be able to help Israel win the war.

When giving instructions to these Angels, it becomes necessary to specify the tasks that need to be accomplished. As your spirit is actively involved in this process, these actions are translated into your physical body.

During such moments, the intensity of the instructions may be so powerful that it causes your entire body to move.

When giving instructions to Angels, there is a different role we take on during spiritual warfare. In this scenario, there may be a commander, who could potentially be an angel leading the war. The commander will wait for your response to his guidance, as he knows the strategy and approach to the battle.

As a soldier offering yourself to fight, you will receive instructions from the Holy Spirit relayed to your spirit, which you must then carry out physically. This may involve actions like stamping your feet or punching the air in the heat of battle.

Many of the physical movements during spiritual warfare are unique to the specific battle being fought during the prayer. It all depends on the position you are operating from and the nature of the conflict. Blessings!

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