The Mystery of Rubbing your Forehead when Praying in Tongues

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are deeply engaged in praying in tongues, and you suddenly feel the urge to rub your forehead? This is a phenomenon I have encountered on multiple occasions.

Although I did not understand the significance of this action at the beginning, I recall experiencing great satisfaction while scratching on my forehead during prayer.

After a number of such occurrences, I developed a genuine curiosity as to why I consistently felt the urge to scratch and scrub my forehead while praying. It was only then that the Holy Spirit started unveiling the truth behind this peculiar behavior.

If you have also encountered a similar sensation while praying in tongues, allow me to shed some light on what truly happens. Before delving into the explanation, let me share some background information for better understanding.

Spiritual names

In the spiritual realm, we are all assigned names based on our character. These names are unique to each person and describe their character.

However, people’s characters change from time to time due to the decisions they make and so their names also change accordingly.

It is important to note that individuals typically have multiple names in the spiritual realm, but the most prominent name is associated with their main character.

This name is written on our foreheads. Understanding this concept sheds some light into why some individuals feel compelled to rub their foreheads while praying in tongues.

Holy spirit transformation

When you engage in praying in tongues, the Holy Spirit starts working in your life, initiating a transformation within you.

As this transformation progresses, changes occur, leading to a point where your current name no longer reflects who you have become due to the Holy Spirit’s work within you. As a result, the old name is discarded to make way for a new one.

Since our names are inscribed on the forehead, when the Holy Spirit’s fire begins to burn, it erases the old name, making room for a new one.

Essentially, the burning sensation and the urge to touch your forehead are signs of the Holy Spirit’s fire eliminating the old name to make space for the new one.

The next time you feel compelled to touch your forehead while engaged in praying in tongues, rest assured that the Holy Spirit is actively at work within you. Blessings!

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