The More you Pray in Tongues, the Less you will want to Talk to People

It is true! I have confirmed it. The more you speak in tongues, the less you will want to talk to people. Anytime I have soaked deep in tongues, I have lost interest in talking to people.

At first, I thought it was just my personality. Being introverted, I have always preferred my own company than being around people.

But while I prefer being on my own most of the time, I have no problem talking to people when the situation demands. In fact, I have been asked on several occasions to deliver tough messages. I have no problem speaking my mind.

But what I experienced after launching deep into praying in tongues left me questioning. I could not believe how my desire to talk to people vanished completely.

Of course it returned later on but to this day, anytime I speak in tongues for long, I lose the desire to talk to people.

After my own investigations, I found a number of reasons why it happens.

Why Praying in Tongues makes you Lose the Desire to Talk to People

1. God fulfills all your Intimate Desires

I’m sure this is not breaking news to you. The God we serve is the only one that can fully satisfy our desires.

Speaking in tongues enables you get close to God. The closer you get to Him, the more He fulfills your desires. Being in the presence of God fulfills all your desires including your desire to talk to someone.

This is true given the fact that we will spend eternity in heaven. We will not need anything because by being in God’s presence, all our desires will be met.

Jesus told us there won’t be marriage in heaven. While it may sound boring, the truth is that our desire for a companion will be fulfilled by God and we won’t need a love partner.

It is hard to imagine that a strong desire like marriage won’t bother us but that is the truth.

By praying in tongues, you get close to God and He meets all your desires.

Among my circle of friends, I am known for sharing interesting stories. My life has had dramatic events that turn out to be good stories. It is more like the life of Joseph; the number of twists he went through were countless.

I enjoy talking about the events I have been through and the many lessons I have learned but whenever I speak in tongues for long, I completely lose the desire to talk to anyone.

2. Praying in Tongues makes you Vulnerable

I usually feel very exposed whenever I speak in tongues for long. I discovered that the more you pray in tongues, the more vulnerable you become.

It is impossible for us to express ourselves to God unless we are vulnerable. But because being vulnerable is a bad idea when dealing with the world, the Holy Spirit only makes us vulnerable when we approach God.

The transition from being closed off to being vulnerable takes place when you are praying in tongues. It is not spontaneous. The more you pray in tongues, the more vulnerable you become.

When you are done speaking in tongues, the process of closing off your vulnerability also takes time. Before your vulnerability levels come back to normal, you will be afraid of talking to anyone.

You feel very exposed and it scares you. It is the same feeling of being without clothes in the bathroom; the idea of walking out of the bathroom without your clothes is scary. All you want is to stay within your walls until when you have sufficient cover.

Being vulnerable enables you to have an intimate connection with God. In the process, you are filled with His goodness.

Being vulnerable with someone has the same effect. But the challenge is that people are not 100% pure. By being vulnerable with someone, you will unintentionally receive the good and evil that resides in them.

I believe this was one of the reasons why Jesus asked us to go into our private rooms and lock the door behind us and pray to God in secret. The last thing you ever want is to be vulnerable in public.

3. The Fear of Exposing your Intimate Relationship with God

Every genuine believer has an intimate relationship with God that nobody else knows about. The people we fellowship with will often know a lot about our relationship with God but there is usually a portion of our relationship with God that remains a secret.

We make secret covenants with God, we share our deepest fears with God, we receive secret knowledge from God etc.

These intimate transactions with God require us to keep them private. They are like our ATM passwords; they hold our treasure.

When you come from a praying in tongues session, you have a lot to digest. The Lord may have revealed to you a secret and you need time to digest it. Sometimes you may have had an encounter and you need to compose yourself.

Speaking to someone right away will most likely lead you to reveal secrets that God wants you to conceal. The wise choice is usually to avoid talking to people.

I’m sure you know the story of Zechariah the Father of John the Baptist. After an angel appeared to Him and gave him crucial information about John the Baptist, his mouth was shut.

The Holy Spirit does the same thing; when God reveals something crucial to you, the Holy Spirit will cause you to stammer when you try to talk about it or you will forget it.

Apostle Paul told us that when he had an encounter in the third heaven, he saw things that a man is not permitted to say. We don’t know what God does to make sure that people who see those things can’t speak about them but it is obvious that God has a good strategy to make sure those things remain a secret.

The Desire not to talk to anyone after Speaking in Tongues wears off by itself

It can be a challenge and even scary when God warns you not to reveal something He has revealed to you. Sometimes He may tell you plainly but in most cases it is a conviction from the Holy Spirit.

When you feel the restriction, don’t violate it. The more faithful you are with what God reveals to you, the more secrets He will entrust you with.

And from what I have learned, God will usually allow you to share some of the secrets He revealed to you later on.

I struggled in the early days to keep the knowledge God used to reveal to me when I was speaking in tongues but at least I have improved even though it is still an area of concern.

‘Do not throw pearls before pigs lest they trample the pearls under their feet and turn to attack you’. The Bible warns us.

Keep in mind that as you grow in the gift of speaking in tongues, you will need to conceal a number of things that God will reveal to you.

The restriction the God puts on you after speaking in tongues usually wears off by itself. Sometimes it takes a few minutes but it can take days or even weeks in some cases. It all depends on the treasure God has given you.

Respect the restrictions. God does it for our good. Even if your friends protest that you have neglected them, don’t worry. They will understand later.


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