Speaking in Tongues Testimonies: Saved from Physical Attacks

I’ve heard a number of testimonies of people who were protected from physical harm because of speaking in tongues. These three cases are unique in their own way.

I heard all the three testimonies in a church I used to attend during my early days of speaking in tongues. The testimonies were a great motivation to me in the early days of speaking in tongues.

From the testimonies I learned that speaking in tongues can do a lot more than helping me pray to God.

However, I have to clarify that I don’t have all the details given that it has been a couple of years since I heard these testimonies. The people who gave the testimonies were also not great story tellers so they didn’t do justice in giving details of their encounters.

But all in all, I know the details I have about these testimonies are sufficient to help anyone who speaks in tongues be encouraged. These are real cases of God’s protection.

Speaking in Tongues Testimony #1

This was a testimony by a woman in her 40s. She was a devout woman and had a number of encounters. Her testimony didn’t come as a surprise given her commitment to prayer.

In her testimony, she said she had a dream and in the dream, the devil was attacking her. In the dream, she saw four men carrying guns coming to her home.

She got scared and woke up. Because she was a prayerful woman, she woke up her husband and they began to pray in tongues against that dream.

Shortly after she began speaking in tongues, she heard a commotion outside her gate. Unknown to her, the dream she heard was a real vision of what was happening.

The four men carrying guns coming to her home that she saw in the dream were real. They were actually coming to her home.

When she looked out of her window, she saw the four men trying to gain access to her home. She lived in a house that had an upper floor that enabled her get a good look outside. The lights on her gate were on which enabled her see the four men.

At that point, she said she went into full panic mode though she had peace internally because she knew no harm could befall her.

She woke up her children from their rooms and they all gathered in the living room where they began speaking in tongues.

As they prayed, they could hear the four men struggling to gain access to their home in vain. It was clear their frustration was building.

In a matter of minutes, they heard a police siren followed by gunshots. As quickly as the ordeal had begun, it went silent.

The woman waited for a few minutes but she didn’t hear anything.

The following day, she got the details of what had happened but it didn’t matter much to her because God had come to her rescue.

She was grateful to God that He showed her what was happening and woke her up to pray.

Speaking in Tongues Testimony #2

This second speaking in tongues testimony was of a young girl in her early twenties. She was still in College.

The incident happened on a Sunday evening when she was heading back to college after attending a church service. On her way back, she had to alight some distance from her college dorm because that was the furthest public transport could get her.

The last portion of her journey required her to walk. The path she was walking on occasionally had robbers who targeted college students.

She had walked on that path on many occasions without any incident so she wasn’t afraid. She had her earphones on as she walked towards her dorm.

All of a sudden, someone pulled the earphones from her ears and before she could do anything, she was in the hands of two men.

They went right into her purse to take her phone and ransack it. In her quick thinking, she began speaking in tongues. She was doing it in a low tone not wanting to draw the attention of the two men.

But the two men noticed her though they were not sure what she was doing. All they knew was that she was not behaving as a typical victim.

While they were still puzzled, the Holy Spirit gave this girl courage and she spoke boldly to the men ordering them to leave her alone and she concluded her order by saying in Jesus name.

Not knowing what to do, the men stopped their attack and walked away. Though they went with her phone, she was grateful they didn’t do any harm to her. By choosing to speak in tongues, she puzzled the thugs that they left their assault midway.

Speaking in Tongues Testimony #3

This third speaking in tongues testimony is one of the most fascinating I have ever heard. It was told by a young man in the church in his late 20s.

He had been sent to preach to a school and was on his way back home when the incident happened.

When he was preaching in the school he had been sent to, a certain girl scribbled some writings on a piece of paper and gave them to him.

He knew they were tongues but he couldn’t understand them. Since nobody in the entire congregation could understand the tongues, he decided to carry the scribbled writings back to church hoping that someone would interpret them.

He put the piece of paper in the back pocket of his trouser and began his journey back home.

On his way home, he was walking on a path that was poorly lit. All of a sudden, three young men surrounded him and quickly began going through his pockets and bag looking for any valuables he had.

In the process of checking his pockets, the piece of paper with the scribbled writings fell to the ground. One thug saw it and was immediately drawn to it.

His demeanor changed all of a sudden as he looked intently at the writing on the piece of paper. His fellow thugs noticed it and looked at him hoping for some explanation.

Then in a calm voice he asked the guy they were robbing, “Do you speak Arabic?” to which he answered no. “Where did you get this?” He followed up.

The guy explained how the paper found its way into his pocket and then the thug exclaimed “We are doing wrong!”

It turned out the tongues written on the piece of paper were Arabic tongues proclaiming that Yahweh is God. When the thugs saw it, they were Arabic Muslims and could not understand how an Arabic person could write words praising Yahweh.

When the guy had explained to them the origin of the piece of paper, they were convicted even more that it was God’s message for them.

They knelt before him and asked for his forgiveness. In addition, they asked him to help them commit themselves to Yahweh. He led them to commit their lives to Christ and they returned all they had taken from him.

Those were the three speaking in tongues testimonies and as I told you the third one was one of the most fascinating I have ever heard. Indeed our God is living and He watches over us daily.

Treasure the gift of speaking in tongues.


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