Speaking in Tongues after Committing a Sin

Though we may not want to confess it, we do commit sins. The Bible tells it plainly that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

The truth of the matter is that we are sinners and that is what makes Jesus our savior. Even after getting born again, it is not a surprise that some still struggle with sin.

In the kingdom of God, there is no condemnation. Provided you have given your life to Christ, you will overcome sin sooner or later.

When we get baptized in the Holy Ghost and start speaking in tongues, there is a subconscious expectation for us to live sinless lives. And while that subconscious expectation is good, some things have to be clarified.

We have a Sinful Nature despite having the Gift of Speaking in Tongues

Despite getting baptized in the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues, our sinful nature doesn’t disappear all of a sudden. Provided we are still flesh and blood, we will be tempted. And it is unlikely that we will withstand all temptation.

Struggling with sin while you are baptized in the Holy Ghost and you speak in tongues can be demoralizing. It makes you feel dirty and unworthy.

The devil capitalizes on your struggle with sin to convince you to quit speaking in tongues all together. But before you give up speaking in tongues because you feel dirty and unworthy, let me remind you something…

It is in our weakness that God’s strength is made perfect. God knows that we are weak and susceptible to sin. That is why He sent Jesus in the first place.

When Jesus set us free from sin by His sacrifice on the cross, He knew we would still struggle to live sinless lives because we were still living in a world full of temptations.

That is why the Holy Spirit was sent to be our helper. The Holy Spirit is as understanding as Jesus was. He knows our weaknesses and that is why He intercedes for us.

Praying in tongues is a gift that we have been given through the Holy Spirit to help us grow and be like Christ. While we are still in the process of growth, we will stumble a number of times.

Just because we speak in tongues doesn’t mean we won’t stumble. Eventually, speaking in tongues will lead us to freedom from sin when we are fully transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. But while the process of transformation is ongoing, it won’t be surprising when we stumble.

Remember our nature is a nature of sin and so it is not surprising when we stumble even if we have been baptized with the Holy Ghost and we speak in tongues.

Play the Humility Card if you Stumble

Because it is guaranteed we will sin, God asks us to humble ourselves and repent. God is not surprised at our sin rather He gets surprised when we refuse to humble ourselves.

It is like a judge who has video evidence of a thief stealing but the thief denies the charges pressed against him. God has made is clear that if we confess that we have sinned, He will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

This calls us to always humble ourselves before God and confess our iniquity when we fall short of the glory of God.

Once we do this, God has assured us that we will be forgiven and our sin will be remembered no more.

By accepting that we will sin whether we like it or not, we please God with our humility. Claiming that we won’t sin against God is self-righteousness.

Having the gift of speaking in tongues doesn’t change this reality. Speaking in tongues is a gift that helps us quicken our transformation process but the reality of living in a world full of temptations won’t change.

Therefore, if you ever feel guilty that you have sinned, humble yourself, repent and continue speaking in tongues.

I can guarantee you that there is not a single believer out there who speaks in tongues but has never sinned. That is common sense.

Just because you stumbled doesn’t mean that you are unworthy to speak in tongues. Your tongues will count and the Holy Spirit will cleanse you through the tongues you speak.

My Struggle with Sin after Receiving the Gift of Speaking in Tongues

When I got baptized with the gift of speaking in tongues, I thought sin would vanish completely. I had heard teachings that praised the power of speaking in tongues and I thought that power would do away with my sin.

But that was never the case. I continued lying once in a while when I was under pressure long after I had begun speaking in tongues.

The difference was that I felt more confident before God when repenting than before. Speaking in tongues had opened a spiritual highway for me to my Father in heaven that not even sin could block.

With the quick access I had to God, I would repent almost immediately after I sinned. The guilt that used to haunt me long after I have repented would vanish as soon as I would repent.

I realized that speaking in tongues was helping me defeat sin but not in the manner I expected.

The more I spoke in tongues, the closer I got to God and realized that He loves me so much despite my occasional sins.

His love gave me more confidence and I knew that sin can’t separate me from Him. Though I fall, I will never stop speaking in tongues. That became my mindset to this day.

Speaking in Tongues after committing a Sin: Conclusion

Speaking in tongues after committing a sin is only hypocrisy if you don’t repent. No matter how bad your struggle with sin is, never give up speaking in tongues.

If the Holy Spirit can still trust you with the gift of speaking in tongues after you have sinned, why would you give up practicing it?

Either way, after sinning, there is only one action required of you and that is to repent. You have to present yourself to the same God you have sinned against.

Speaking in tongues is not any different from praying in understanding in the aspect of accessing God. If you used to pray to God in understanding after you sinned why should you think of quitting speaking in tongues after sinning?

God will not take away your gift of speaking in tongues when you stumble. Don’t let fear and guilt of the devil stop you from exercising your God given gift just because you stumbled.

Pick yourself up and push through the guilt. The Lord is on your side. In the end, we shall be transformed and we shall never struggle with sin again.


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