The Tongues you Speak will Never Repeat…

I have been speaking in tongues for a while and I have heard a number of things mentioned about praying in tongues but when I got this revelation, I could not help but be amazed.

It was revealed to me that the tongues that anyone speaks never repeat. This means that the tongues that have been spoken ever since the day of Pentecost, have never been repeated.

With our earthly languages, we repeat words over and over but that never happens with the heavenly language.

The Holy Spirit helped me understand that God is infinite in nature and everything He creates bears His infinite nature.

Speaking in tongues has infinite vocabulary. That is why it is possible for believers over hundreds of years to speak in tongues and not even a single word be repeated. Isn’t it amazing?

Believers who feel as if their Tongues are Repetitive

I remembered this revelation when I read someone’s concern that their tongues are repetitive. The truth is that the tongues we speak sound similar and repetitive.

However, they only sound similar and repetitive because our physical parts of speech are not capable of expressing the infinite syllables of speaking in tongues.

In reality, the tongues we speak never repeat.

It is the nature of God to do new things and the nature of men to repeat old things. This is why we keep sinning as our old nature did but God keeps forgiving and renewing us.

The Bible also tells us that the mercies of the Lord are new every morning. Basically, everything that comes from God is new.

In my early days of speaking in tongues, I also felt as if my tongues were repetitive. But I came to learn that I was the one inclined to what sounded familiar.

The Holy Spirit leads us to speak new things every time we speak in tongues. But if we try to conform to how we spoke in tongues yesterday, then we limit the Holy Spirit.

I have witnessed people who try to speak in tongues in a particular manner because the last time they had a breakthrough, they spoke in tongues in that manner.

God looks at that kind of behavior and grieves at our foolishness. The storehouse of vocabulary in heaven is full and there is no need to fix ourselves on a particular order of praying in tongues just because it worked for us last time.

God only uses the tongues we speak once. After that, He gives us new tongues.

This means that if you ever feel as if you are repeating your tongues, you need to let go the preconceived notion of how tongues should sound.

From experience, I discovered that the deeper you soak in tongues the more control the Holy Spirit takes. You may feel you are repeating tongues when you start praying but as you get deeper, you start getting fresh tongues.

Tongues are a Description of the New things that God is Doing

As I have mentioned before, everything that God does is new. The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes that there is nothing new under the sun. But in the book of Isaiah, the Lord says “Behold I am doing a new thing, do you not perceive it?”

What God wants us to realize is that all things that we know were made by Him and that no man can add to His creation. That is why we are told there is nothing new under the sun.

But then God still has the power to create new things under the sun. That is why He tells us through Isaiah that He is doing a new thing.

Sure enough, Jesus did many new things. He loved His enemies and prayed for those who persecuted Him. He forgave sinners when it was custom for sinners to be punished.

Jesus spoke life when those who had come before Him spoke death. All that Jesus did was new. Jesus, just like God in heaven, brought new things into being.

Speaking in tongues is how we proclaim the new things that God is doing. Because the things God does are new, they cannot be described by old tongues.

We praise God for the new things He does. The love that God showed you today cannot be expressed in the same tongues that expressed the love He showed you yesterday.

The Pharisees got stuck in the old ways and their character annoyed Jesus. If we insist on praising God for the old things He did and neglect the new things He is doing, we become like Pharisees.

Praising God in tongues means you are always praising God for the latest thing He has done.

Even in our lives, we rejoice when we are praised for the new things we have done. We congratulate new mothers immediately after they give birth. We organize a party when we move into a new house. We celebrate a new year when it is still new.

Because we are created in God’s image, it means God also rejoices when He is praised for the recent new things He has done. But how can we know the new things that God has done so that we praise Him?

By speaking in tongues!

Always remember that the tongues you speak are a declaration of the newness of God and the tongues themselves are new. New wine for new wineskins!

The Tongues you Speak are Always New

The Holy Spirit can never run out of vocabulary for Him to repeat tongues. The only time we repeat tongues is when we insist on sticking to the old pattern of tongues that we know.

It is our responsibility to grow in the gift of tongues to the point where every tongue we speak is new just as God intended.

We serve a God of new beginnings; why should we not express His ability through our tongues?

With every speaking in tongues session, apart from the other spiritual activities going on, God renews your tongues. It is the habit of God to renew old things.

Soak yourself in tongues and let God renew your vocabulary.


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  1. Wow. I wondered why I sounded different from the early days. Some days if doesn’t make any sense at all to our hearing> praise God for this revelation. Thank you.


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