Your Hands Influence how you Speak in Tongues in a Strange Way…

When I got this revelation, I was amazed. I couldn’t believe that God was so detailed in designing the gift of speaking in tongues to that level.

Though it doesn’t seem anything extraordinary on the surface, it is extraordinary in its own way.

I’m talking about the role that your hands play when you are speaking in tongues.

How many times have you paid attention to the motion of your hands when you are praying in tongues?

If you are like me, it is rare. Yet the motion of our hands has a big influence on the tongues we speak.

I’ll share with you the different ways that our hands influence how we speak in tongues and how to capitalize on it.

How our Hands Influence the way we Speak in Tongues

1. Motivating us to Pray

Did you know that you can motivate yourself to pray in tongues when you are feeling discouraged entirely by the motion of your hands?

Believe it or not, God designed it that way. I tested it and I couldn’t believe that such a simple act could have such a tremendous impact.

If you are feeling demotivated to pray in tongues, start speaking in tongues and clap your hands. Clap your hands in the same way people clap their hands to cheer their favorite teams.

The act of clapping your hands while praying in tongues instantly motivates you to pray. It works all the time!

You can also motivate yourself to speak in tongues by punching a pillow while speaking in tongues. I know it sounds crazy but that is how I usually motivate myself to pray in tongues when I am feeling discouraged.

The harder I punch my pillow, the deeper I soak in tongues. I don’t know exactly what is special about it but because it works, I don’t care.

In our normal lives, we motivate people by clapping to cheer them on. The same act of clapping has the same effect in the spiritual world.

Use it to your advantage!

2. Making Spiritual Declarations

You can use your hands to affirm the declarations that you make when you are speaking in tongues. God has given us the permission to use our hands to seal declarations.

The tongues you speak will be the agreement terms and the motion of your hands will be the stamp. If you are resisting an evil temptation, do the motion that aligns with resisting.

The motion of your hands will greatly boost your faith and whatever declaration you make shall come to pass.

I’m sure you know how people move their hands when they say “Right now”. If you are making a declaration and you need something done immediately, declare it and let the motion of your hands approve it.

You will be surprised at how much your faith is boosted when you do hand motions that align with what you are praying for.

3. Surrendering to God

Of all the hand motion experiments I have done, this was the most surprising. Basically, when I am speaking in tongues and there is no breakthrough, I lift my hands.

Just by lifting my hands, I always get a breakthrough. Of course I usually get tired quickly but before I get tired, I usually have my breakthrough.

It amazed me so much that I searched for some spiritual explanation. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me of the story of Moses when the Israelites were fighting the Amalekites in Exodus 17.

The story is very interesting in that as long as the hands of Moses remained lifted, the Israelites prevailed and when he lowered it, the Amalekites prevailed.

When he got tired, Aaron and Hur gave him a stone to sit on and then they held his hand up till sunsent and the Israelites defeated the Amalekites.

Lifting up your hands surrenders the battle to God. When you are struggling to speak in tongues and you lift up your hand, for the while your hands are lifted up, God fights for you.

It is an ancient spiritual principle but it never ceases to amaze me that it still works today.

Even lifting up your hands without saying anything already brings a spiritual shift. It is amazing. The things of God are amazing!

The Holy Spirit can lead the Motion of your Hands

While you can do these motions by yourself, sometimes the Holy Spirit prompts you to do them. The Holy Spirit knows that these hand motions work and that is why He prompts you to do them when necessary.

I used to have quick breakthroughs during worship and I would see visions and have encounters and people wondered why it was always me. But what I never told them was the act of lifting my hands.

Basically, if I wanted to access heaven, I would lift up my hands as the worship continued. In a matter of minutes, even if I was not singing, I would feel a spiritual shift then I would start speaking in tongues.

It worked for me every time until I got scared of doing it because of the overwhelming attention I was getting in church.

The Holy Spirit can give you a prompt of the hand motion to do or He can literally move your hands in the way He wants.

This usually happens if you have soaked deep in tongues. When you soak deep in tongues, your flesh becomes weak. Because of the lack of resistance from the flesh, the Holy Spirit easily moves your hands as He desires.

This is also how dancing in the spirit manifests. It is basically the Holy Spirit moving your body to give God honor. It happens when your flesh is subdued.

Now, if you know these things, you will realize that accessing heaven is like a puzzle. You start by speaking in tongues while clapping or punching a pillow as I usually do.

When you have some momentum, you kneel down and lift up your hands while still speaking in tongues. When you get a shift, you stand up and let the Holy Spirit lead you to present a dance before the Lord.

Of course this is not always the case because sometimes God wants us to wage war or intercede for something but if you just want to have fun in the spirit, that is a rough sketch of what to do.

Let me stop there for now…


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