The Mystery of Speaking in Tongues and the Heavenly Scrolls

I have heard a number of times people mention speaking in tongues in relation to the heavenly scrolls. If you are wondering what I mean by the heavenly scrolls, it is the scripts that God wrote for every person’s life.

I have had my own encounters while speaking in tongues that relate to the heavenly scrolls which I would like to share here.

Understanding the Heavenly Scrolls

It is true that each person’s life is documented. But while this usually brings up many questions, there should be no reason for concern.

The script that God wrote for each person is meant for the good of many. God made it clear to Jeremiah that He was appointed to be a prophet to the nations before he was formed in his mother’s womb.

Many other biblical characters also had their lives pre-ordained and God made it clear. We know the case of John the Baptist whom we are told was born to prepare the way for the messiah. There is the case of Apostle Paul who was appointed an Apostle to the Gentiles.

Even the twelve disciples of Jesus were pre-ordained given the fact that their names form the twelve pillars of heaven.

But while some people get angry at the fact that our lives are ordained, there is a lot to be excited about.

Free Will of Individuals

Despite our lives being ordained, we still have our free will. It is actually our responsibility to choose to follow the script that God wrote for us.

There are parts of the scroll that are fully decided by God but there are other parts that are left for us to decide. While God knows what each one of us will decide, it does not affect our free will.

We have cases like that of David who decided to build God a temple after considering that the ark of the covenant had never had a house of its own. David loved God and out of his love for God came up with the idea of building the temple.

We have the case of Esau who willfully chose to exchange his birthright with a bowl of soup. God definitely knew Esau would do that someday but Esau was under no compulsion when he did it.

While some may cry foul that God planned destruction for some people, it is the same thing that we do every day. Don’t we create tissue papers that we know will be used and dumped?

Also, each one of us buys clothes that we know we will use for a while and then dump them. If anyone accuses God of ordaining destruction for some people, God will prove to the person that he is not innocent either.

The Interesting twist of God’s Scrolls

The heavenly scrolls have a pattern for our lives but when it comes to following them, there is a temptation to dodge them when the going gets tough.

While it is just a hint, we know that Jesus asked if it was possible for the cup of suffering to be taken away. We can all agree that Jesus knew the cup could not be taken away.

In fact, Jesus himself had told His disciples on different occasions that He must suffer in the hands of the heathen. And when Peter tried to dissuade Him, Jesus rebuked him sternly.

This proves to us that despite the scrolls of our lives being written, it is not always fun to follow them. In fact, most times we are tempted to avoid them.

With this revelation, any sensible believer should understand that straying from the script that God wrote for you is a sin. In short, if you don’t follow the path God ordained for you, you are claiming to be wiser than God which is counted as pride.

Imagine you are a director of a play and one of the people playing a role of one of the characters in the play refuses to follow the script. Not only will people mock you for failing to direct the play, but it will also demoralize other people playing other characters.

This is what happens when one person sins against God; many others despise God based on the sin of one person.

It is not automatic that we will follow what God has written in the scrolls for our lives. God knows those who will follow and those who won’t but that does not give any of us freedom to ignore the scroll.

If we didn’t have the freedom to choose whether to follow the scrolls of our lives or not, we would not need scriptures that encourage us to walk in the ways of the Lord.

The bible is full of instructions for us. All those instructions are meant to help us follow what God has written in the scrolls of our lives.

Speaking in Tongues and the Heavenly Scrolls

Speaking in tongues is the perfect language of communication that God ordained to be used between us and Him. Since God is the author of the scrolls of our lives, we need to get direction from Him.

God conceals the content of the scrolls of our lives for many reasons. He only reveals what is necessary. If Jonah knew that he would be swallowed by a fish when he chose to go to Tarshish instead of Nineveh, he might have abandoned his plan.

But since God needed it to happen, it was necessary for that information to be concealed from Jonah. The same thing is true with the fate of our lives; God has concealed it from us lest we know it and destroy ourselves.

This explains why none of us can tell what tomorrow holds. This is also why gambling is a billion dollar business.

The Special Place of Speaking in Tongues in the Scrolls of our lives

Despite God concealing much of the information on the scrolls of our lives, He has provided a way for us to access the information on the scrolls of our lives.

The gift of speaking in tongues is a direct way to read your scroll. Once you read your scroll, it becomes a law on earth and God is prompted to bring it to fulfillment. But of course, most of the time you won’t understand your tongues which means you won’t know what is on your scroll despite reading it aloud. Isn’t God clever?

When God knows that you can bear the temptation of knowing what is on your scroll, He will reveal it to you either by enabling you to interpret the tongues you speak or through a prophetic word.

There was a day I had a dream that the girl I was dating went home and got pregnant by another man. I woke up shaken and I was sweating as if I had been working out.

A month and a half later, that dream turned out to be true. I was shocked!

That is an example of gaining information on your scroll before it happens; it is not always fun.

And even when it is good news, you will often be tempted to rush and it can easily ruin you. In most cases, God chooses to conceal information on the scrolls of our lives even though He desires that we know it.

If you are in the habit of speaking in tongues, you will easily live according to what is written in your heavenly scroll. The Holy Spirit will guide you to speak your scroll into being and God will give it life.

The more you speak in tongues, the faster you go through your scroll and with greater accuracy.

Therefore, embrace the gift of speaking in tongues. Even when you don’t know what you are saying, you are downloading your heavenly script into your real life and it pleases God when we get what He ordained for us.


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