How to pray at 3am for a Job

“I want to pray to God at 3am for a job. I really need a job but I don’t know how exactly I should approach the prayers. Can you guide me please?” If this is your request, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will guide you on how to pray at 3am for a job. If you have tried normal prayers for a job but you have not gotten any, 3am prayers will move God to give you one. There is a special grace that accompanies all prayers made at 3am.

Whatever request you make during the 3am prayers, God handles it as a priority request. Sacrificing your sleep to make 3am prayers is not in vain. Your job is around the corner and all you need to do is make perfect 3am prayers and you will get it.

I will address common concerns that relate to praying at 3am for a job in the simplest way possible.

Will God answer me when I pray at 3am for a job?

I know you are a believer and you have faith but I also understand that sometimes you need assurance that God will answer you. Praying at 3am for a job is the right thing to do and I speak to you as a witness that God will answer you.

If God answers normal prayers of people who pray for a job, how much quicker will He answer sacrificial 3am prayers for a job? The sacrifice involved in making 3am prayers adds so much value to the prayers you make and it moves God to act on your request.

Also remember that God loves you and He knows that you need provisions. God understands that you need a job to raise money to live a comfortable life. As a child of God, you should be assured that God cares for you. There is no way God would create you and not provide for you. If He gave you a stomach that needs food, He definitely had a plan of where food will come from to enter that stomach.

All you have to do is remind Him of your needs. It is not that God has forgotten your needs; He only wants to hear you ask Him for your needs. God is so much pleased when we ask Him for our needs.

Making 3am prayers for a job will move God to grant your desire in no time. Go for it by all means.

How should I start praying at 3am for a job?

Before you start praying at 3am for a job, you need to align yourself with the will of God. When you are in the will of God, everything you ask for will be granted. If you are not aligned with the will of God, things get complicated.

To align yourself with the will of God, make sure you repent of any disobedience in your life. God desires that we obey His commandments and when we do it, He is pleased with us and grants us whatever we desire.

Any disobedience in your life will be a stumbling block to the 3am prayers you make for a job. No amount of 3am prayers for a job can get you a job if you have disobedience in your life. I don’t want this to scare you because many times God makes it clear to us whenever there is any disobedience in our lives.

The commandments of God are simple and clear. All you need to do is love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and your neighbor as yourself. This means that if someone has wronged you, forgive them. If people have mocked you for not having a job, forgive them.

Once you have forgiven all that have wronged you, pray that God may forgive you for the wrongs you have done against Him. Just as you forgive those who wronged you, God will forgive you and clear your name from any disobedience.

When you are free from all guilt, you can now make your 3am prayers for a job and be assured you will get God’s answer.

When making the 3am prayers for a job, don’t complicate matters. Simply ask God to give you a job that suits you. Remember to specify that God gives you a job that suits you. Sometimes you may want a specific job but in the eyes of God, that job doesn’t suit you.

In that case, God will remain silent and wait for you to ask for a job that suits you. When you give God the freedom to choose a job that suits you, be assured He will do it very fast.

What should I expect when I pray at 3am for a job?

When you pray at 3am for a job, expect God to lead you to a job that will amaze you. God has many ways of leading people to jobs that suit them. For some, they will receive phone calls from places they once applied for a job. For others, God will lead them to meet someone who will give them a job.

Still for others, God will give them an idea that will instantly draw attention and cause many job offers to come their way. There is no shortage of miracles that God can do for you when you pray at 3am for a job. The most important thing is that you pray and believe that God will do it for you.

Apart from expecting to get a job when you pray for a job at 3am, expect to receive peace. Not having a job is obviously stressful and God knows that. As a result, He will give you peace when you ask for a job even before He gives you the job you desire. Peace does not come because you have a good job but it comes as a gift from God.

When praying for a job at 3am, pray until you feel great peace over you. That peace is also a confirmation that God has heard your prayer and is sorting it out. God gives you that peace to keep you calm while He is working on your request.

What should I do after praying at 3am for a job?

After praying at 3am for a job, give thanks to God in anticipation for a miracle from Him. This could be in form of singing praise songs. Cast away the worry you had for not having a job and sing to God. When you rejoice in the Lord, your answer will come quickly.

If you still feel anxious after praying at 3am for a job, set yourself to repeat the prayers the following day at 3am. Sometimes we have to make several requests for our faith to rise to the level that pleases God. This means that you have to be persistent with your 3am prayers for a job until when you feel you have done enough.

There is no harm in persisting in your 3am prayers for a job. The Bible asks us to be persistent in our asking and seeking. If you have nothing to do, pray. If you have no job, make praying for a job your job. Why not?

On top of the prayers that you make, remember to sharpen your skills. Spend time acquainting yourself with your area of specialization. The more passionate you are with your area of specialization, the more you will enjoy the job God gives you.

God cares about our passion. When we show passion is a given area, He opens doors for us in that area. Your passion will drive you to great heights and the Lord will open many doors for you.

Sample 3am prayer for a job

Heavenly Father, I pray today that you enable me to get a job that suits me. I have desired to have a job and I have chosen to pray to you because I know you have the power and ability to give me a job. You are my Father and I trust that you will hear me. Open doors for me to get a job. Help me also to be skilled that kings may look for me to serve them. Do this for the glory and honor of your Holy Name. I believe in you and trust you. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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